Domino K600i – Cool Pak

“One of our competitors recommended Domino, and for Cool Pak it was a great decision.” – Niall Kelly, Cool Pak General Manager

Watch this engaging, short 3-minute video to learn about the challenge Cool Pak faced, the solution provided, and the level of satisfaction realized by this California-based manufacturer of produce packaging containers who brought label printing in-house.  “When it comes to variable printing, Cool Pak relies on Domino,” says Richard Nevitt, Printing Manager at Cool Pak.


CHALLENGE: Variable Data Printing on ONE BILLION LABELS per year

Cool-Pak (Oxnard, CA) was formed as a family business in 2001.  Cool Pak takes recycled bottles and converts those into finished goods for customers such as Del Monte, Chiquita, Driscoll’s as well as smaller family-owned companies such as Success Valley and Deardorff Family Farms.  The containers are labeled in-house before being shipped to Cool Pak’s customers.  Cool Pak had been purchasing labels, but decided to bring label printing in-house a few years ago.  And with the need to print nearly ONE BILLION variable data labels, they needed a reliable solution.  

SOLUTION: Domino K600i digital UV ink jet printer integrated on a Mark Andy 2200 flexo press.  “We had looked at and invested in another technology, it was not going well.  I came across a competitor and we started talking about this casually and he said ‘well if you want to make the right decision, just go with Domino and don’t worry about the other guys,” says Niall Kelly, General Manager at Cool Pak.  “When we realized that we should take a hard look at Domino, I flew to Gurnee, IL and inspected the technology myself and was very impressed.” 

Cool Pak Graphic Designer Jason Block agrees. “I went to Gurnee, IL for two days of training.  I brought my own data so that we could tailor all of the specifications to what Cool Pak needed.  We found that we could adjust the Pico Liters and we could run at much higher speeds than we were accustomed to.  It just seemed like it was going to be a very good fit for what we were trying to do, especially with the amount of labels we need to print during the year.”

SATISFACTION:  Kelly says, “The product has definitely paid for itself.  Just the volumes we are running today, it paid for itself very quickly.  We cut our costs in half, it was pretty easily justified. And Domino has been a great partner. They were great in the pre-sale situation; they had all the right people there.  I definitely felt that they valued my visit to Gurnee and treated me very well when I was there.  Anytime in the sales situation, you have to understand ‘are you being pitched, is the promise true?’  And in Domino’s case, it has been true.  Everything they said was going to happen, happened.”