Safe with Sound - the end of the anilox roll damage myth

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Alphasonics recently carried out its Safe with Sound live anilox cleaning set-up in response to claims that its ultrasonic technology leads to damage of aniloxes. The trial broadcast, hailed as a huge success by the company, was organized for five full days of continuous ultrasonic cleaning utilizing unique Alphasonics technology and three brand new anilox rolls and three ex-production rolls donated by Pamarco and Inometa respectively. The broadcast streamed live to a combined audience of 607 in total over the five days.

For the full length of time, which came in at well over the original target of 1,300 cycles, the trial was continuously captured around the clock by four CCTV cameras and was interspersed with comment and discussion by Christopher Jones in three separate live interludes.
The rolls were independently inspected by Jon Jordan of Troika Systems, using its AniCam anilox measuring system, before the trial commenced and as the trial finished. Results were taken remotely by Jordan during the show's close with the viewer being given full access to the anilox roll measuring process. The results were revealed as they happened during a full demonstration of the AniCAm while Jones conducted a Q&A session.

Jordan confirmed that zero roll damage had occurred and paid testament to the cleanliness of the aniloxes after their cleaning in the Megan unit from the Alphasonics range. 'The aniloxes used in the trial show an excellent level of cleanliness and show absolutely no signs of damage despite the extensive cleaning cycle. Troika systems verify that all rolls are undamaged and would be perfect for full production use. We endorse the non-destructive cleaning technology used in Alphasonics cleaning systems.'