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  • 24 May 2018

Siegwerk receives EGP partnership certificate from Marvaco

Pictured (from left): Tomi Havia from Marvaco awarding Satu Autio and Jukka Tervakoski from Siegwerk with the EGP certificate

Marvaco has awarded Siegwerk Group an expanded gamut printing (EGP) partnership certificate in recognition of introducing new ways to use offset and flexo inks on packaging cartons, fiber and plastic materials, among others.

EGP is a color separation method where prints are implemented with digitally assisted ink blending in a more predictable, precise and cleaner manner. The CMYK color gamut is enriched with OGV (orange, green, violet) process inks, which more than doubles the number of available color shades compared to the Pantone+ color series, without needing to change the colors and using only seven standard colors.

Siegwerk has developed a new EGP printing ink series for offset printing and flexography. With the new inks, packages can be made more colorful while the printing process becomes more flexible and set-up times are shortened. EGP also reduces the environmental load of printing as waste and solvent usage are reduced and inks are used more effectively.

EGP has improved the quality of prints and enabled new, more diverse printing solutions, explained Jukka Tervakoski from Siegwerk Finland. Siegwerk’s constant development of inks ensures a successful packaging printing process, and the EGP technology offers clear advantages for Siegwerk’s printing partners and brand owners, added Satu Autio, also from Siegwerk Finland.

Marvaco noted that EGP is ‘booming in Europe’, as packaging printing companies are investing in new printing machines and adopting the technology. Machine manufacturers also have an active role in providing machines that support the latest technology, it stated.


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