AlpVision to showcase iPhone authentication app at IP expo

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- AlpVision will participate for second year in IP Protect Expo and demo iPhone authentication app

- IP Protect Expo is an annual networking space for the worldwide intellectual property and brand protection community

AlpVision will participate for a second year in IP Protect Expo, where it will showcase its iPhone authentication application that is capable of detecting Cryptoglyph and Fingerprint.

IP Protect Expo 2013 is an annual networking space for the worldwide intellectual property and brand protection community, with the next installment taking place February 5-6 at the Business Design Centre in London.

Cryptoglyph is a digital invisible marking that is applied to cartons, leaflets, labels and blister packs using regular visible ink and standard printing processes. Fingerprint is a breakthrough authentication solution that tracks and authenticates mass produced objects manufactured by molding, such as bottles and caps, electrical appliances, mechanical parts, imaging supplies and footwear.

Last year, AlpVision released an iPhone 4/4S application capable of authenticating AlpVision’s digital invisible anti-counterfeit technologies, and has recently ported it to the iPhone 5.

AlpVision said the iPhone 5 increases the detection speed by a factor of two (approximately 20 authentications per second), and its four-inch display, coupled with its light weight, further improves the user’s experience.

AlpVision added that it will continue to leverage the iPhone 5’s imaging improvements and processing power to optimize its authentication application, unlocking a wider range of functions and features.

As well as exhibiting at IP Protect Expo 2013, AlpVision’s co-founder and chief executive officer Dr Fred Jordan will speak at the event. On the second day, he will present a seminar entitled “The use of mobile apps in product authentication”, where he will explain how brand owners, experts and consumers who own a smartphone can play an active role in the fight against counterfeiting.

His presentation will survey existing and new smartphone-based authentication technologies, and consider real-world applications on various packaging materials and packaging types using an iPhone.

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