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  • 26 Feb 2018

Appvion adopts Techkon SpectroDens for thermal paper manufacturing operations

Appvion has adopted the Techkon SpectroDens Premium for use throughout its manufacturing and research and development facilities.

Appvion, headquartered in Appleton, Wisconsin, produces thermal, carbonless, security, inkjet, digital specialty and colored papers. It has manufacturing operations in Wisconsin, Ohio and Pennsylvania, and employs approximately 1,300 people. Appvion offers a wide range of thermal papers for the transaction and item-identification markets. The company’s thermal products are used for point-of-sale receipts and coupons, entertainment and transportation tickets; lottery and gaming tickets; tags, label and charts.

The team at Appvion, led by the quality services manager, studied the various color measurement instruments available in the market and reported that the Techkon SpectroDens was superior in terms of repeatability, ergonomics, and ease of use. Matthew Mayotte, quality services manager at Appvion, said: ‘Techkon SpectroDens came to us highly recommended. We put it through rigorous testing against other products in the market and it came out on top. Techkon has been great to work with and they have helped us every step of the way.’

Appvion will use the SpectroDens Premium to ensure the quality and functionality of its thermal paper that is used to produce such products. Additionally, in utilizing the advanced features of the instrument including Whiteness, Yellowness, OBA checks, CIELab, and color bar scanning, the Appvion team expects an increase in manufacturing efficiency and productivity.  

Techkon is a manufacturer of densitometers, spectrophotometers and color software for the global print community.


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