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  • 09 Dec 2011

Kodak launches sustainable support program

Kodak has launched a sustainable support program for its printing and publishing customers in the UK, in partnership with J&G Environmental. The waste control specialist will now be recommended to all Kodak’s existing and potential Nexpress digital color press customers for the management of all consumable waste and all operator replaceable components (ORCs) which will be collected, segregated and returned to a Kodak factory for refurbishment and reuse.

The first part of the Sustainable Printer Programme (SPP) in the UK will operate in Manchester and Blandford, managing flexographic, graphic, lithographic, newspaper, web-offset and screen printing wastes. J&G will manage all Kodak Nexpress press' ORCs as well as selected recyclable wastes – such as plastic toner bottles and aluminium plates. The program will give Kodak customers assurance that all legal requirements are met and waste hierarchy is applied. There will be no costs if ORCs are returned to J&G.

John Haines, general manager at J&G Environmental, said: ‘We are delighted to have been chosen by Kodak as the preferred partner in its new Sustainable Printer Program (SPP). We have worked closely with Kodak for a number of years and the launch of the Sustainable Printer Program is the culmination of both companies’ aim to provide Kodak Nexpress press customers in the UK with a waste management program that both maximizes recycling and can be financially advantageous to the participants. At J&G we are looking forward to sharing our expertise with them. SPP is a cost effective service that goes beyond mandatory compliance and can give 100 percent peace of mind.’

Pat Holloway, Kodak’s GCG UK marketing director, added: ‘We are delighted that our Sustainable Printer Programme has been launched in the UK with such an impressive waste treatment partner as J&G Environmental. SPP goes beyond compliance, they give Kodak customers peace of mind, utilize waste hierarchy treatment, and can provide them with financial rewards from participating in our ORC operations. It is Kodak’s intent to widen the scope of consumables managed and operate in other EU countries.’

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