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  • 20 Mar 2017

Ravenwood launches all in one sleeve production system

Ravenwood VXR sleeve production system

For contract packaging manufacturers - and for label converters looking to offer this service - Ravenwood has launched a compact machine which allows production of sleeving, contaminate detection and sealing of trays in a single operation.

‘Customers can now benefit from fully automating their production lines without the need for manual quality checks,’ states Ravenwood.

The VXR machine combines vision, x-ray and Seal Check technology, and can be bespoke-built to include one or all these elements. If opting for Seal Check, the x-ray module will also need to be incorporated.

Set to launch in March 2017, VXR will be unveiled at Pro2Pack, at London’s Excel ahead of the annual Ravenwood conference.

‘Supermarkets are demanding improved quality, 100 percent error-free labeling and reduced costs, which is placing increased pressure on suppliers,’ said Paul Beamish, founder and managing director of Ravenwood Packaging. ‘The new VXR machine will not only meet these demands but will outperform manual operations for a fully streamlined process.'

Key VXR functions include: identifying and rejecting errors; automatic detection of faulty labels, printing errors and poor quality print; analysis of label position, quantity and orientation; and checking of all printed information including barcodes, use-by dates and traceability codes.

The unit has been designed with a user-friendly interface and for rugged factory environments.

Ravenwood’s VXR machine uses Sapphire carbon nanotube field emission x-ray technology, a proven system combining low energy output with high speed and resolution.

It allows heightened sensitivity for detecting dense mass / contaminates and identifies foreign bodies such as glass, metal and ceramics, as well as all types of bones. Contaminates in the seal are also screened, ensuring trays and food packages are properly sealed. Foods that have 'slipped' could potentially obstruct the seal. The system also examines for the correct position of the food and number of products within the tray for example, the number of meatballs. 

The Sapphire system analyses for contaminates in the seal and can identify contaminates through printed film and colored trays. It will also locate

the correct position of the product in the tray and the correct number of products. 


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