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  • 06 Nov 2007

RFID innovation from Nilorn

The Nilorn Group has developed an innovation in RFID technology in collaboration with Craft of Scandinavia. 

The result is a self-inventory shop rack that represents ‘a breakthrough in stock management’, says the company.  Aimed at brands sold across a number of stores, it is claimed to make restocking more efficient, leading to increased sales and profitability.

Unveiled at a technical exhibition in Stockholm in October, the new self-inventory shop rack takes RFID a step further in supply chain management.

Per Wagns of the Nilorn Group said: ‘Nilorn’s self-inventory shop rack allows brand owners to check sales trends in stores, without having to make site visits. The brand owner programs the shop rack to take an inventory of the products currently in store. It then sends an e-mail with the current status back to the brand owner.  The brand owner can then distribute more products to the store, so that it will always have the full range.’

The benefits are said to be seen particularly with goods such as underwear or shirts which need constant replacement and re-stocking. 

The Nilorn/Craft project has been developed in close collaboration with RFID-Constructors, the Finnish RFID, Vilant and the ROL Group.