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  • 11 Nov 2016

Anygraphics installs first flexo press

Kuldip Goel, managing director and owner of Anygraphics, talks about a new press installation and price war in the label industry.

Anygraphics, the only Indian company to have received three World Label Awards and two Fespa Gold Awards, has completed installation of its first flexo press, a 10-color Omet X6 430.

The highly configured press comes with multiple die-cutting and in-line hot and cold foiling stations, screen printing units, and customized options for new innovations that Anygraphics is known for.

The company’s label division houses two 6-color plus coater letterpress machines from Orthotec, two 4-color printing presses, roll-to-roll screen printing machines, a combination press with flexo and letterpress and two die-cutting and foiling machines. These machines are accompanied by an Omega inspection system and pre-press from Esko.

‘We are working on a lot of concepts that we would like to print on the Omet X6 press,’ says Kuldip Goel, managing director and owner of Anygraphics. ‘I am focusing on bringing economical products to the anti-counterfeiting sector and printing value-added labels for the high-volume market in India.’

Talking of innovations, Goel showed some of the most recently printed labels at his factory. Be it the authentication seal printed on a metallic film or an ‘eye’ printed using multiple printing combinations, each label looked exquisite.


‘I am an artist,’ says Goel. ‘I invest a lot of emotion and dedication into my work. I work with my heart and design and innovate all the time. And that is one of the many reasons why I am against the reverse-auctioning so prevalent in the Indian industry.’

Printers, he says, very often quote a price without calculating their costs, thus incurring a loss. ‘Due to a very low price quoted at the auction, printers have to compromise on the quality. Some smart companies sit in auction as dummy players only to reduce the price and pull down the other party. This practice is pulling the industry down. We need transparency in auctioning. Only capable parties should participate after sharing their company profile and production capabilities with participating printers and buyers. An audition should be conducted to ensure printers are giving out correct information,’ opines Goel.

Though Anygraphics houses an Epson digital press, Goel believes it is not the time to invest in digital technology. ‘I will wait for two more years before investing in a digital press. The price of machines as well as the cost of consumables needs to come down before more Indian printers invest in digital technology.’

The company is growing by 50 to 60 percent year-on-year. Goel says that the growth is accounted for by new investment as well as efforts put in by his son, Naveen Goel. ‘He not only brought in commercial growth but also motivated the team to perform better. He has expanded our product portfolio over years and has been handling all aspects of the business very well. It is because of his involvement that I get a lot of free time to work on new innovations,’ says Goel.

The new Omet press will provide the extra torque required to further drive the label division. Ancillary equipment includes a new semi-automatic German plate mounting system. Alongside it, the company has invested in an inspection slitter rewinder with re-inspection option equipped with linescan color camera from Teledyne Dalsa. This was installed by Intergraphic Sales & Service to complement the flexo press.

Goel hints that a further expansion of capacity is on the cards for the near future.