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Labelexpo Europe review: Ancillary launches

Labelexpo Europe review: Ancillary launches

Ancillary equipment suppliers at Labelexpo Europe showed that automation, productivity and sustainability were clear trends. 

Ace Electrostatic showcased the new AR750 Contact, DM1000 Contactless web cleaners, and 24V static elimination systems. The AR750 now features tool-less replacement of both pre-perforated adhesive and rubber rollers. The new version of 24V antistatic bars can now be mounted both on infeed and outfeed.

Albertin launched a Smart Register Plate system. The new steel plate is fitted with all the necessary dies to compose a complex graphics on brass, magnesium or copper. The system has been designed specifically to be compatible with any flatbed or cylinder flatbed press. Positioned directly on the honeycomb through fixing systems, Albertin’s new product doesn’t require any adjustment to the printing machines, so it is compatible with any plant and it allows faster start-up times.

Alphasonics launched a new proofing roll cleaner, and showed upgraded cleaning systems for anilox rolls, plates and parts. 

AMS Spectral UV announced the availability of IoT capability on its X Series and Blade series for narrow and digital web applications. It enables real-time system performance data to be sent continuously from a press’s UV LED system to a secure cloud storage system, where imperative parameters can be trended, visualized and documented across the lifetime of the machine. 

Böttcher unveiled a plate mounting sleeve for photopolymer and elastomer plates along with new chemical products developed for the cleaning of printing plates and anilox rollers. 

Cheshire Anilox Technology demonstrated its ProFlo engraving which, by offering a more controlled ink transfer, eliminates many of the problems related to fixed palette, or ECG printing. 

FAG unveiled a new pocket-sized measuring device, FAG Fluo DX, which checks non-visible colors in the UV spectrum. The device is available for different UV illuminations such as 365+280, 365 and 365+254nm. The company also showcased the FAG Flex³ Pro with new software showing more detail for 3D dot analysis. 

Flexo Wash launched the FW 993 XL.NXT anilox cleaner, capable of handling up to nine rolls simultaneously. New developments include the FW Recirculation Unit, which re-uses the rinse water from the Flexo Wash anilox cleaners in a closed loop system. 

Graymills launched a compact PQT Peristaltic Pump, which can be mounted vertically or horizontally. It features a quick-disconnect removable head which allows head/tube changes to be accomplished in a few seconds without specific tools, a display indicating rotational speed, hose life and reverse timer, a predictive hose failure monitor, and remote control. 

GSE introduced Windows 10-based controls for its dispensing systems, enabling machine designs with greater compactness and robustness, improved dispensing accuracy, long-term software upgradeability and machine connectivity. 

Harper Corporation of America displayed its QD Proofer, an ink proofing and flatbed ink proofing system which uses flexo and gravure processes. It can be configured at four different speed units. The maximum travel speed is 150ft/min and the travel distance can be adjusted anywhere from 12 to 33 inches in one-inch increments. 

IEEC, an Indian manufacturer of corona treaters, partnered with Lombardi, UV Graphic Technologies, Multitec and Monotech Systems at the show. The company was the first to introduce corona treater to the Indian market and is now CE-certified. It claims to have an 80 percent market share in India. 

Impact Air Systems showed its new Matrix Master waste extraction machine, a mobile unit contained in an acoustic enclosure. The company used the precision model 78 series trim cutter, waste fan, material separator and cartridge filter as the heart of the new system.

Laserclean exhibited two new versions from its ALCS laser cleaning machines. The Laserclean Narrow Web machine ALCS 1000 S(F) is a compact, easy-to-use system. Chain wheels and bearings do not need removal and after cleaning the roller can be used immediately. The cleaning cycle averages at five minutes and no consumables, such as granulates, chemicals or water, are needed. 

Meech International displayed its new CyClean R web cleaning system, Hyperion IonCharge50-75w and IonCharge30-15w static generators, Hyperion 960IPS mid-range, and Pulsed DC Ionizing bar. An enhanced version of the CyClean, Meech’s CyClean R is a new web cleaner designed for usage on low-tension wider webs. Upgrades of Meech’s 992V3 30kV and 50kV generators, the Hyperion IonCharge30-15w and IonCharge50-75w are versatile and technologically advanced. IonCharge 30 is compact and simple to install, while IonCharge 50 is Meech’s most powerful static generator. These new generators are suitable for use within a range of applications that require temporary bonding of materials. 

Nanovis showcased its latest Bella cleaning system promoting sustainable and recyclable technology designed for HP Indigo printers. The new Bella DC-1300 combines handling simplicity with a generous working area. It enables the removal of ink residues using continuous brush and integrated recycling system with clean Imaging-Oil technology. 

Paper Converting Machine Company (PCMC) demonstrated its new, fifth generation Meridian laser anilox cleaner, which uses laser-diode technology to deeply clean anilox rolls. It requires no liquids, chemicals or air supplies and an internal air extraction system eliminates messy waste. The Meridian removes most types of inks, adhesives, glazes, varnishes, stiffeners and coatings on aniloxes with or without journals. Additionally, it features an automatic cleaning cycle, flip-up cleaning area access door, easy-to-use operator interface, large cleaning area opening and enhanced ergonomics. The new version is also fully compatible with and uses SmartLink technology with Industry 4.0 features. 

Recyl brought products such as the Clean range, QuickWash range and accessories. It also showed a complete range of machines aiming to help printers to automate their maintenance workflow. Recyl’s showed new equipment allowing for neutralizing cleaning residues, but also formulations using chemicals that can be defined as easily biodegradable, according to the OECD 301 criteria. The company was also promoting is Eco-refill concept, which allows shipping of smaller and lighter volumes to reduce carbon emissions. 

Rea introduced the Titan Platform which now operates all Rea coding and marking technologies and allows easy integration into packaging lines and OEM machines, enabling fast data exchange with the production environment. Also new, Rea Verifier systems allow for the quality control of data matrix codes and barcodes. 

RK PrintCoat Instruments showed a variety of flexo and gravure color communication systems, including the K Hand Coater to the VCML Pilot coater. The VCML Pilot coater is a reel-to-reel machine developed for printing, coating and laminating for product development and quality control QC. Also on display was the FlexiProof 100/UV machine. This unit incorporates the essential features required for quality control and research and development of flexo inks. Identical to a standard flexo press, the machine uses a doctored ceramic anilox and photopolymer plate. With a maximum speed of 100m/min, realistic printability testing can be undertaken on all types of flexo substrates.

Sensory Analytics showed its expanding line of SpecMetrix coating and layer thickness measurement systems. These absolute thickness measurement systems provide continuous coating process improvements, optimize coating utilization and decrease plant waste streams. SpecMetrix systems are available as off-line lab tools or in fixed probe, traversing and OEM configurations for ease of integration onto new or existing plant coating lines.

Tresu and Flexo Concepts collaborated to introduce a program of plastic doctor blades with specially designed clamping systems that enable fast, safe exchange and easy integration with chamber doctor blades. Tresu’s XL Blade Holder Series is a range of clamping systems that are specially modified for securing Flexo Concepts’ TruPoint plastic doctor blades. These include ‘E-Line’ eccentric clamping systems, available in thicknesses of up to 1.0mm, and ‘P-Line’ pneumatic clamps, in thicknesses up to 1.25mm. They facilitate blade changes in as little as one minute. Plastic blades offer safe handling and long life, and eliminate the risk of anilox scoring. As a result, they are an alternative to conventional steel blades for applications such as applying coatings to digitally and offset printed labels and packaging, as well as situations where safety is paramount, say the companies.

Vetaphone displayed two corona stations for narrow web surface treatment. The VE1A-A (C4) features four ceramic electrodes and is designed for single-sided treatment, while the newly launched VE1A-M (C8) is designed for applications where high corona power is required from a single unit. Fitted with eight ceramic electrodes, the C8 operates at running speeds of 300m/min. Both models are CE and UL approved.


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