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  • 01 Dec 2021

Leadership changes at Holostik

(L-R) Ankit Gupta, director Strategy and Growth Holostik India and Shobhit Gupta, director International Business Holostik India

Provider of high security holograms Holostik is seeing leadership changes in light of demise of chairman and managing director Umendra Kumar Gupta due to Covid. The management is now under the supervision of Ankit and Shobhit Gupta – sons of late CMD and new directors of Holostik.

As the baton is passed from one generation to the next, Ankit Gupta says that one must be wise enough to understand family values and core business principles. ‘We must also be courageous enough to welcome change with the requirements of the market.’ 
Ankit and Shobhit Gupta had been working with their late father for the last 14 years.  
‘He had taught us to be bold yet humble at the same time. That’s what you will be seeing in Holostik 2.0. We have also inherited our father’s risk-taking attitude and consider diversification an important part of growth strategy,’ Ankit Gupta says.   
Under the leadership of Umendra Kumar Gupta, Holostik expanded the company’s international presence. It implemented the use of technology in new markets and ventured into new customer segments.    
Under the new leadership, the company will expedite the implementation of automation in work procedures and processes. Regular assessment of company policies, production quality, and manufacturing capabilities will also be done. 
Shobhit Gupta adds that the company will focus on building work culture where employees are rewarded not just for their efforts in productivity but also for their values 
Holotstik plans to expand its services in new territories and industries, innovate new anti-counterfeit products and align its products and services with supply chain and packaging regulations.  
Shobhit Gupta adds: ‘Holostik was not just set up for the sole purpose of achieving business profits but had a bigger aim of setting the world free from the menace of counterfeiting, so we will continue with our mission of authenticating supply chains to secure lives.’  
The company will upgrade its current resources, production capabilities and digitize its entire workplace infrastructure. It is a CMMI Level 3 certified company indicating that the company is highly skilled in developing software solutions. Holostik uses workflow software such as CRM and Salesforce. It uses defect management software and inspection systems such as BST shark 4000 LEX. 
Holostik has a team of software engineers who have developed custom software to implement digitization within the organization. 
The pandemic disrupted production and supply chain which resulted in high rate of counterfeiting. Holostik plans to enhance and integrate its physical packaging products with SaaS-based software offerings for product authentication, inventory monitoring and improved supply chain visibility. 
‘Our research and development team is working on technologies and products with retailer and customer-centric value additions. Our focus is to align our smart packaging solutions with new production capabilities. We will increase marketing outreach to new territories and platforms, spread market awareness to curb the sale of counterfeits and abide by supreme industry practices to continue with manufacturing excellence,’ Shobhit Gupta explains.  
Holostik R&D labs are DSIR Government of India recognized. Some of the new products being developed by the company include 3D micro optics and Optashield color changing holographic strip. 
Holostik will continue to invest a minimum of 5 percent of the annual budget as it did before on research and development, new packaging and custom supply chain software. Investments will include new digital print machines and authentication technologies. Packaging division infrastructure will also be enhanced for higher production capabilities.