Auxo Investment Partners acquires Midway Rotary Die Solutions

Auxo Investment Partners has acquired Midway Rotary Die Solutions, adding deeper capabilities to the private equity firm’s die manufacturing platform.

Midway designs, manufactures and sharpens dies for customers in the automotive, packaging, medical, food processing, tag and label, specialty and photo-cutting industries

Midway designs, manufactures and sharpens dies for customers in the automotive, packaging, medical, food processing, tag and label, specialty and photo-cutting industries. The company also offers multi-stage heat treatment processes, cryogenic treatment, carton prototyping and technical support to for crush-cut dies.

Auxo has previously invested in Bernal Rotary Dies, Atlas Die and Atlas Chem-Milling. Joining Auxo’s portfolio of die manufacturers allows Midway Rotary Die Solutions to continue to grow, serve a wider array of customers and offer its existing customers new capabilities in wide format RP rotary dies and flexible rotary dies, while preserving its legacy of best-in-class customer service and products to meet customers’ converting challenges.

Rich Seeley, current CEO at Midway Rotary Die Solutions, said: ‘It was our dream when we bought Midway in 1985 with six employees to build it into a world class organization. We spent the last 33 years providing the highest-quality products and service in our industry, and we couldn’t be more pleased to find, in Auxo, a partner who can help our colleagues continue to grow and develop opportunities to provide further innovation and value to our customers.’

Seeley retire following the transition.

The addition of Midway Rotary Die Solutions furthers Auxo’s commitment to meeting the needs of the most sophisticated and demanding customers. With the addition of Midway, customers now have access to a full range of die sizes, from 12 inches to larger than 100 inches, involving both rotary pressure and crush-cut styles in both solid rotary and flexible dies.

‘Combining Midway with our existing portfolio of die producers allows us to offer our customers an increasingly broad, innovative suite of capabilities, helping them to deliver superior quality and efficiency in their own businesses,’ commented Ken Smott, who is to become CEO of Midway Rotary Die Solutions in addition to his existing leadership duties at Atlas Die and Bernal Rotary Dies.

Auxo managing partner Jack Kolodny said: ‘"We are excited to grow our platform with Midway’s strong legacy and highly skilled, dedicated workforce. We look forward to helping steward Midway through the next phase of its growth by making long-term investments and enhancing its growth-related infrastructure.’

His colleague Jeff Helminkski, also a managing partner at Auxo, added: ‘Midway’s addition to our cutting-die platform is the latest step in Auxo’s journey to thoughtfully and strategically align market participants. We create extraordinary value by providing a complete product offering across the entire spectrum of cutting and converting needs for customers who value technology, reliability and production efficiency. And we will continue to grow this platform organically and acquisitively with partners who share our passion for innovation and solving complex production challenges.’