DTM Print launches AP380e label applicator

Th e applicator is designed to streamline the label application process on round or cylindrical containers, offering increased speeds and new features.

DTM Print has launched AP380e, a semi-automatic label applicator designed to streamline the label application process on round or cylindrical containers as well as to offer increased speeds and new features.

With approximately 30 percent increased speed than the AP360e and AP362e label applicators, the new device ensures labels are applied swiftly and accurately, providing a seamless finish on a wide variety of containers.

The inclusion of a new label liner rewinder further optimizes operations by keeping the waste liner material off the floor and winding it into a roll for easy disposal.

The applicator’s enhanced speed capabilities result in a significant boost in labeling efficiency, allowing for more containers to be labeled per hour.

For detecting the labels, the AP380e is equipped with a mechanical sensor flag which, unlike ultrasonic sensors, can process transparent labels without black marks. This purpose-built sensor flag has been installed in over 38,000 AP-Series applicators and is known for its longevity and reliability with various label types and thicknesses.

Lea König, product manager for labeling solutions at DTM Print, said: ‘The AP380e optimizes the production process thanks to the built-in liner rewinder. At the same time, it significantly increases the production throughput. With the AP380e labels are applied flawlessly and reliably, giving the finished products a highly professional appearance.’