InkSpec forges alliance with Royal Coat for sales representation in India

Through the partnership, InkSpec will distribute its MIIS-V3 viscometer in the Indian market.

InkSpec, a viscosity control manufacturer, has partnered with Royal Coat for the distribution of its MIIS-V3 viscometer in the Indian market.

The acoustic suspension MIIS-V3 is a process viscometer used for measuring and controlling viscosity in printing, coating, adhesive applications and a broad range of similar processes. As per the company, this latest PAD/ Inkspec technology is based on over 35 years of proven technology and design experience in process fluid management.

The MIIS-V3 employs acoustic suspension for fluid viscosity measurement. InkSpec claims that it is the most accurate, stable and sensitive viscosity sensor ever developed by the company. Employing a compliant mechanism and DSP (Digital Sound Processor) measuring probe, that is unaffected by flow, pump pulsations, press vibrations and micro-foaming, the MIIS-V3 also measures and controls fluid viscosity in demanding environments. The viscometer can be retrofitted on existing printing and coating machines or OEMs installed on a new equipment. The MIIS-V3 technology ensures color and coating consistency is maintained throughout the entire course of the application run.