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  • 24 Jan 2020

Resino appoints new CEO

Signe Cederstrøm steps in as a CEO taking over her father’s role at Resino

Signe Cederstrøm has been announced as a new CEO of a Danish ink specialist Resino. She is taking over from her father, who decided to share the ownership equally between each of his three children.

Resino Inks is one of very few worldwide ink suppliers specializing in production of inks specifically for the food and packaging industry, including food packaging and sausage casing, but also nappies, toothpaste tubes and other products with high standards for health, food safety, environmental and quality demands.

The global trade market states specific demands to ink production and is one of the reasons why Resino now chooses to implement a generational shift.

Resino needs a more stable ink production and Signe is the right person to conduct the necessary organizational changes. She is much more organized than I am,’ said Finn Cederstrøm, the founder and former CEO of Resino. ‘It is with the right feeling that I am handing over the keys. Signe has been working for the company for several years. She possesses both the interest and the skills to develop the business to the next level.’

Signe Cederstrøm graduated as Master of Arts in Danish and Skilled Communications. Her humanistic background differs from the other employees, whom are mainly laboratory technicians, chemists and engineers. According to the new CEO, it has both advantages and disadvantages.

‘My educational background has given me analytical skills and taught me how to handle large amounts of knowledge. I can definitely use my analytical and organizational skills in Resino’s organizational changes,’ commented Signe Cederstrøm. ‘I don’t have a deep technical understanding. Our management meetings tend to be very technical, but with my attendance, we can discuss management without drowning in technical terms.’


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