Upcoming Finat European Label Forum in Greece

Finat will host this year's forum on May 22-24 in Athens, Greece.

Finat will host the Finat European Label Forum (ELF) on May 22-24, 2024, in Athens, Greece.   

The ELF program is packed with focused sessions on the hottest topics in labeling, delivered by industry experts sharing actionable insights that could be implement right away. 

Sustainability is no longer a niche concern. Visitors at the forum will learn about the latest trends and solutions to meet the growing demands of brand owners and staying competitive. Gain a comprehensive understanding of industry trends, statistics, and developments at the ELF, all in one place.  

At the ELF, visitors will connect with a community of like-minded label printers, from established players to those just starting out. Network with peers, share best practices, and build valuable relationships that can act as a sounding board and support system. The ELF is an opportunity to connect with peers that experience the same challenges as for example, succession planning, finding new talent, how to handle new developments such as AI. By participating in Finat, visitors also gain visibility as a serious player in the international label market. This prestige can be a major advantage, especially for smaller companies.