Opaque Wines launches new earth elements label for 2024

California based wine brand’s new labels pay homage to the attributes of terroir that are crucial in making its wines.

California based Riboli Family Wines, family-owned wine brand and operated since 1917, has launched a brand refresh and relaunched its 90+ Point, award winning Opaque Wines portfolio. The brand has also launched its redesigned label and website with the release of 'Earth Elements' series.  

The 'Earth Elements' series reflects the characteristics of the unique terroirs from each of the estate vineyards in Paso Robles from which these wines derive. 

Opaque Wines' new labels pay homage to the attributes of terroir that are crucial in making these wines. Conveyed through visually intriguing background textures and photography, each label showcases a different element reflecting unique attributes of elements that are crucial to the health and quality of the wines. In addition, each varietal has a unique colored capsule, corresponding to the earth element it represents on its respective label. The newly launched website highlights the portfolio's new bold look as well as showcasing the map of all the Paso Robles vineyards. 

Anthony Riboli, fourth generation winemaker of Riboli Family Wines, said: ‘We are proud to unveil Opaque's new and elevated label design and website. Opaque's wines are crafted with immense attention to detail using high-quality grapes grown on an estate vineyard in Paso Robles. This redesign reflects the magnificent environment the wines come from.’ 

With the brand refresh, Opaque also welcomes a new varietal – Opaque Tannat. Tannat is a characteristically bold, tannic wine, but Opaque's Tannat also reveals ripe flavors of black plum and blueberry with accents of vanilla and sage as it moves across palate.  

In alignment with Riboli's mission to ensure the high wine quality and long-term sustainability, Opaque's Tannat comes from the best small lots that its estate vineyards have to offer and are fermented individually with minimal intervention to allow the true expression of the soil and climate shine through. The CSWA-certified vineyards are meticulously farmed to yield grapes with concentrated flavors and aromas and combined with Riboli Family's winemaking techniques, the resulting Opaque wines are heady and unapologetic in their undaunting flavor profiles.  

Opaque Wines' new labels began shipping in October 2023.