Bobst reveals business strategy at Labelexpo Europe 2023

Company announces over 100 installations in past year, new partnership

Bobst reveals business strategy at Labelexpo Europe 2023

Bobst reveals business strategy at Labelexpo Europe 2023

Bobst has unveiled new products at Labelexpo Europe that are aimed at simplifying label production. The company also disclosed new strategic alliances and supplier partnerships.

Bobst is showing a digital label press and an inkjet module for rapid, high-opacity white printing. 

Head of narrow mid-web printing and converting product line Matteo Cardinotti said, 'With our large presence at Labelexpo Europe 2023, we aim to demonstrate how Bobst has the most compelling solutions to narrow web challenges not just for today, but for the future. Our technology is strategically designed to combine automation, digitalization, and connectivity with the sustainability-driven needs of an ever-evolving market. By leading innovation across these four key pillars, Bobst is simplifying label production and empowering converters to unlock greater possibilities.'

Bobst announced at the show that it has added more than 100 narrow-mid-web presses for labels and packaging to its installed base over the last 12 months. Bobst has reached the milestone of more than 100 digital machines installed globally. 

Bobst also unveiled a collaboration with Visutech, which has been designated as a distributor for the Nordic countries. This new partnership aims to serve customers more effectively in the region, providing support and sales representation locally managed by Visutech’s team. Visutech will represent the complete Bobst narrow-mid-web product portfolio including flexo, digital and All-in-One machines. Additionally, the Visutech Digital Academy will play a role in training and educating the Nordic market on all aspects of Bobst technologies.

Bobst has disclosed a strategic partnership with Asteria Group. The collaboration involves Asteria’s investment in multiple Digital Master All-in-One production platforms throughout Europe, enabling groundbreaking label solutions and mutual growth.

Bobst also has introduced a new end-to-end process for linerless applications developed in close partnership with Avery Dennison using its ADLinrSave technology.

The company also said it will introduce the next generation of digital UV inks with commercial availability by early 2024. Bobst will provide highly environmentally friendly inks by eliminating hazardous materials, among them TPO photoinitiators, ensuring full compliance and anticipating future regulatory changes.

Bobst also introduced the Digital Expert 340, a remarkable roll-to-roll label press built on the same robust platform as the Digital Master series. Operating at 65m/min – with the ability to upgrade to 100 m/min – the press offers the choice to incorporate a flexo unit. As the next evolution of the company’s pure digital machines, the Digital Expert 340 features Bobst unique 1200x1200 dpi inkjet cluster technology for enhanced performance and the highest versatility.

The manufacturer has also unveiled a new module enabling high-speed, high-opacity white printing, leveraging Bobst Inkjet Technology, catering to high-productivity businesses and delivering superior quality for the narrow web field. Reaching up to 72 percent opacity at 100m/min and 80 percent at 80m/min.

Also on display is the Digital Master 340 All-in-One label press, which combines digital, flexo, embellishment, die-cutting, and quality control modules in one unified workflow, as well as the Bobst Master M6 flexo press. Equipped with advanced features, the press allows converters to minimize waste and enhance efficiency.

As previously announced at press event in June, Bobst has reiterated its focus on high-performance die-cutting solutions, highlighting its ongoing commitment to innovation. In addition, Bobst Accucheck Technology for ensuring impeccable color consistency and quality control, as well as a new unified HMI for easier press monitoring by a single operator, are presented as integral components of Bobst's vision for enhanced label production. To further highlight cooperation for workflow excellence, several industry partners are joining BOBST on the booth. These include Esko, Scantrust and Bel.