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  • 27 Jul 2020

Dscoop Edge rescheduled

Dscoop Edge rescheduled

Dscoop, a community of HP graphic arts users, has rescheduled its annual event for May 16 –18, 2021 in St Louis, Missouri. Dscoop Edge Fusion is a dedicated, global conference of education, business growth, technical training, industry trends and collaborative networking.

In March, Dscoop Edge Orlando 2020 was postponed due to Covid-19 and to protect the safety of attendees. The rescheduled event, Edge Fusion, will be a blend of in-person and online activities for a global ‘hybrid’ experience. 

Keith Wilmot, Dscoop CEO, explains that ‘with the world still uncertain in many ways, we are preparing a valuable experience for a variety of scenarios.’  

Whichever scenario attendees choose, Edge Fusion will deliver engaging, relevant, and forward-thinking content. The entire event experience -- including education tracks, business growth, keynote speakers, networking activities, training workshops, and partner solutions sessions -- is designed for all Dscoop members, from the Americas, Europe/Middle East/Africa (EMEA) and Asia-Pacific/Japan (APJ) and will accommodate all time zones. 

If attendees choose a face-to-face experience (much like past Dscoop Edge events) in St. Louis, Missouri, at the America's Center convention center, with hotel accommodations at the Marriott St. Louis Grand hotel right across the street, and the Courtyard St Louis Downtown hotel, just one block away. 

If attendees prefer to stay closer to home, can’t make those travel dates, or travel is restricted, Edge Fusion will offer virtual and blended options using excellent new meeting technology, interactivity, livestreaming and recorded sessions. In every scenario, Dscoop will take its lead from global health regulations to protect the safety of its community and adjust plans for Edge Fusion as necessary.  

Wherever attendees are located, they can experience Edge Fusion for education and business sessions; industry technology and trends; and technical training on both current presses and applications as well as the latest HP portfolio and partner products. Many sessions will focus on helping members adapt to the impact of Covid-19 and find new ways to regain and grow business. Workshops and sessions will also be tailored to specific markets and geographical regions. Dscoop Edge is known for providing attendees with strategic networking activities and plenty of time for collaboration and connection – a continued focus for Edge Fusion.

Sessions, keynotes, training, partner demos and more will be uploaded as they happen to – the community’s online platform. This will provide attendees from all regions with three days of on-demand access and post-event recorded content. Attendees will be able to create their own conference schedule to supplement their in-person and/or online experience.  

‘We know there’s no experience like a face-to-face Dscoop Edge experience. There’s also no doubt about the value of on-demand education and the focused approach of virtual training, demos and workshops,’ Wilmot said. ‘Edge Fusion won’t be an either/or. It will be a ‘yes, and!’ Expect an amazing experience for every role in your company, for printers and partners alike, regardless of how or where you decide to join us.’

Expanded event hours will accommodate different time zones, so attendees from the Americas, EMEA and APJ will be able to connect globally with their like-minded peers, partners, speakers and session presenters. Attendees can expect to learn the latest industry information; participate in demos and training on their current technology and the latest HP portfolio and partner solutions; attend business strategy sessions for leadership, sales, marketing, mergers and acquisition; building high-performance teams and more. Sessions will also cover best practices and tips for optimizing technology and planning for the future.  

The Dscoop team will provide updates as they continue to build a global event that helps its members grow their business and their teams. 

‘It has been an unprecedented time for our customers ... you have faced challenges, persevered, and in many cases, created incredible innovation and collaboration,’ says Haim Levit, general manager for HP Indigo. HP is a premier partner of Dscoop. ‘We want to make sure we’re doing everything we can to help Dscoop members regain business, create continuity and growth, and get the insights, training and awareness they need to move forward – no matter what the new normal brings.’ 

The safety of Dscoop’s members, partners, staff, and speakers continues to be a top priority. The organization will take its lead from global health regulations and will adapt and adjust plans for Edge Fusion as necessary. The schedule, activities and technology will work in concert, allowing Dscoop to shift quickly if needed. Whether attendees join online, in person, or a combination of both, Edge Fusion will reach the maximum number of HP Graphic Arts users worldwide and bring each attendee the maximum amount of value. 

‘The unique thing about being part of Dscoop is that I have never felt alone,’ says Jay Dollries, owner, Innovative Labeling Solutions, and Dscoop’s global board chairman. ‘We've always been in this together, helping each other through the years however we can. I think we could all use a lot of Edge, inspiration and connection, to learn from each other and rise up together. I’m looking forward to that, in whatever form it takes.’



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