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  • 24 Mar 2020

GMG solves Fogra Multicolor Forum challenges

GMG solves Fogra Multicolor Forum challenges

GMG solved the challenging color management tasks using the current versions of GMG OpenColor, GMG ColorServer, GMG ColorProof and GMG ColorPlugin.

Where in 2018 the focus was on characterization, proofing and separation, the Multicolor Forum 2019 focused on more practical tasks. An example: the simulation of overprinting in a multicolor process using CMYK and additional spot colors. Each participant was given the task of going through seven production scenarios. Two test forms and print sheets were used to evaluate results. 

GMG solved the tasks using the current versions of GMG OpenColor, GMG ColorServer, GMG ColorProof and GMG ColorPlugin. GMG’s patented spectral color transformation technology demonstrated its strengths impressively. When simulating overprinting for specific printing conditions, GMG showed excellent performance and delivered highly accurate results, precisely predicting the results of over- and under printing. The results from the tests showed the outstanding accuracy of the calculated profiles. GMG proved that the qualitative advantages of its innovative technology also apply to the ECG printing process.

With the Multicolor Forums, Fogra offers a very good overview of the current ECG solutions available on the market and provides a detailed study of these tools. Multicolor printing clearly presents many opportunities, especially for the packaging industry. Due to the growing popularity of fixed color sets and the increased use of digital printing presses, reliable ECG color management technology is crucial to maximizing efficiencies and guaranteeing accurate results in the implementation of such print jobs.

In practice, the challenges in the preparation of print data in an ECG process are as diverse as they are complex. Therefore, a portfolio of flexible and smart tools is required. The holistic approach of GMG provides a complete system of tools that seamlessly work with each other and integrate into existing workflows.

Overall, the results of the Multicolor Forum 2019 show strong developments compared to the previous year. With serious investments currently being made to develop new technologies for multi-color printing by the manufacturers, users can benefit from increased quality, improved color consistency and more reliability. 



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