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  • 21 Sep 2015

Labelexpo Europe 2015 new products preview - linerless

Ravenwood Packaging is one of 10 companies participating in the Linerless Trail at Labelexpo Europe 2015

As part of L&L's comprehensive preview of new products to be seen at Labelexpo Europe 2015, here the magazine highlights new products and other developments of interest related to linerless that will be seen at the show.

The full preview can be read in L&L issue 4, 2015, and online here, while you can read more about the following technologies on the L&L website: digital presses; conventional presses; inks, curing and drying; materials, adhesives and coatings; MIS and pre-press; finishing; ancillaries; inspection; and package printing.


Introduces new linerless-specific grades of direct thermal products for applications including weigh scale labels, logistics/warehousing labels, industrial labels and portable printing. Appvion also launches a label grade for the package delivery segment, as well as any applications using visible light and/or near infrared scanners, as well as a new grade designed primarily for use in weigh scale applications such as deli, hot foods and self-service labels, which can also be used for distribution and logistics labels.

Berkeley Machinery

With a top loading print cylinder and converting system for fast changeover, the Comet RS3403 can be built up to 12 colors.


For Linerless Labels, Bostik introduces TLH4300E adhesive which combines high tack on cardboard and HDPE. Coating weights are as low as 15gsm ‘in some conditions’, says the manufacturer.


Demonstrates linerless label manufacture.

Maan Engineering

Introduces the Inlinerless module, allowing label printers to use existing equipment to produce linerless labels. The module is available in two variants: a standard Inlinerless module can be installed behind an existing press; by adding an un- or rewind station a standalone variant can be constructed. The module covers three steps. A full sheet or zone coating is applied in a range of 0.5 to 1.5gsm. This coating will be cured in an inert UV chamber with an oxygen content below 50ppm, claimed to result in a fast and high quality silicone layer. Subsequently, a self-adhesive coating layer of 10-300gsm is applied with the rotation bar coating head (full sheet or in zones). All this can be achieved with a nominal production speed of 80-120m/min. The basic variants of all modules have widths of 330, 430 and 530 mm.

Ravenwood Packaging

Launches ‘Slideable’ linerless labels which are made from thicker materials up to 300gsm and can be applied automatically by Nobac 500 applicators. The slideable labels, which can be produced 500mm x 200mm, are ‘sleeves’ which come on a roll. They offer the advantages of lightweighting and automation. Also shows a new Skin Pac line using a material optimized for ‘super-protruding’ packs, including exceptionally bulky items such as roasting joints. Skinpack labeling also greatly extends shelf life.


On display is Core Linerless Solutions, a self-adhesive Ritrama film consisting of a thin PP on a siliconized filmic liner, engineered to be transformed into a Linerless material ready to be dispensed using a special linerless module.

A group of 10 suppliers have also formed a Linerless Trail at Labelexpo Europe 2015. Read more about it here.

Read more about linerless market developments in L&L issue 5, 2015


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