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  • 22 Apr 2021

Mactac introduces Simply Sustainable

Mactac introduces Simply Sustainable

Mactac, a supplier of pressure-sensitive adhesives, has introduced the company’s Simply Sustainable culture of environmental responsibility; according to the company, it delivers enhanced value to customers, end-users, employees, and communities.

‘Simply Sustainable is more than a brand. It’s our initiative to choose environmental best practices so they can be ingrained in everything we do,’ said Ed LaForge, president and CEO of Mactac. ‘By integrating environmentally responsible practices we can build a brighter future for our customers, communities, and co-workers.’

‘With guidance and support from the Lintec Group, we aim for opportunities to evaluate and expand Mactac’s sustainability program to further reduce our footprint, inspire employees and showcase the value we provide to customers in their quest to meet the environmental needs of end-users,’ said Kevin Clunie, vice president of sales and marketing for Mactac Performance Adhesives Group.

According to the company, Mactac’s Simply Sustainable products help achieve goals including using less energy for manufacturing and less raw materials, reducing freight (including fuel, CO2 emissions, etc.), reducing packaging waste (cores, cartons, wrapping, etc.), and increasing productivity; additionally, Mactac is dedicated to sourcing material from environmentally responsible companies, daily waste reduction in every manufacturing facility, and pursuing technology that aids in the recycling process.

Mactac is a member of the CELAB (Circular Economy for Labels) global consortium to promote label industry recycling. More information on Mactac’s commitment to sustainability can be found here 


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