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  • 07 Mar 2018

Mission Labels conducts major brand overhaul

UK printer Mission Labels has undertaken a major brand overhaul as it marks 15 years in business.

Mission Labels specializes in the design and printing of self-adhesive labels for UK and European businesses. Using flexo technology, Mission Labels offers a range of face materials from paper to synthetics.

In celebrating its 15 year in business, the company has embarked upon a major overhaul of its brand, as Fiona Warwick, co-founder and finance director, explained: ‘We are proud of the fact that we have continued to develop and grow during the last 15 years. We feel that during our time of growth it is right to invest further in our marketing strategy to continue strengthening our brand presence, both online and offline.’

This has focused on the launch of a new website and a new brand identity said to reflect Mission Labels’ ‘commitment to providing the highest standard in label printing’.

‘The seek lines, strong colors and transparent engagement mirror the company’s core values and future strategy,’ noted Warwick. ‘The new company logo is elegant, modern and smart, and again reflects the current image.’

Warwick continued: ‘Investment in machinery, staff and systems proves our commitment to innovation and growth within the industry. With the team growing, Mission Labels wants to continue to encompass a “family” run business, with the four directors playing an active role in the company operations.

‘The rebrand and launch of the new website represents our ambitions, displaying how we have evolved within the industry.’

Martin Gearing, operations director at Mission Labels, added: ‘It is important that Mission Labels retains its established values, but at the same time develops a new and modern identity. Therefore, we endeavor to operate a “never say no” policy to our customers’ delivery requirements. - it still sums it up nicely.’