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  • 27 Oct 2021

Bioneer opts for Herma labelers

A Korean biotechnology company, Bioneer, has equipped nine of its labeling lines for Covid-19 test kits with Herma basic applicators

Bioneer, a Korean biotechnology company, has equipped nine of its labeling lines for Covid-19 test kits with Herma basic applicators. The label provides a tamper-evident function that requires perfect interaction between the system and the applicator.

Bioneer was the first Korean biotechnology company, and it is now an internationally active specialist in state-of-the-art molecular biology products and technologies. 

The company has opted for Herma basic machines, which are now labeling the urgently needed test kits on a total of nine lines simultaneously. The product handling systems, into which the applicators were integrated, were designed and installed within a short timeframe by Hanshin Labelling, Herma’s sales partner in the Republic of Korea.

Bioneer currently labels and seals 40 boxes per minute per line, applying a label to the side of the boxes with a 300mm-long top. It closes the lid on the front and back, so it also takes on a tamper-evident function in addition to labeling. 

According to the specification, the interaction between the labeler and the product handling system must be perfectly coordinated and synchronized. This is the only way to ensure that the label is applied without creases or wrinkles and any offset. 

‘The Herma basic is perfectly suited for this task with its high repeat performance. We chose Herma out of all the suppliers worldwide because of the very high level of trust we have in the company. It is tremendously competent, and the performance of the applicator is perfect for this application,’ commented Hee Chul Lee, CEO at Hanshin Labelling.

‘Manufactured on the same production lines and to the same strict quality standards as the Herma 500 high-performance applicators, the Herma basic is also distinguished by its reliability and process safety,’ added Christoph Illichmann, head of area sales at Herma Labeling Machines. ‘These are important criteria, particularly in the pharmaceutical sector.’


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