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  • 23 Jan 2020

Catapult Print enhances capabilities

Florida-based Catapult Print has added a third Nilpeter FA press and an AVT inspection system to all printing presses and finishing equipment to further enhance its on-site capabilities.

Florida-based Catapult Print has added a third Nilpeter FA press and an AVT inspection system to all printing presses and finishing equipment to further enhance its on-site capabilities.

The company acquired the first two Nilpeter presses in April 2018. With the acquisition of third Nilpeter press, Catapult has amplified capacity while enhancing its offering and positioning it for substantial future growth. Specializing in linerless labels, pressure sensitive and narrow web film (with plans to expand into further label types), the firm’s growth is attributed to its customer-focused culture and consistent investment into the print trade’s latest technological advancements.

Lewis Cook, managing partner, Catapult Print, said: ‘Our culture is as vital to our growth as our technology and combined the two elements make us confident in revolutionizing the print industry. The cornerstone of the new Nilpeter press is its ability to pass on game-changing benefits to customers. The press ensures peak changeovers while the disruptive technology of AVT means consistency is guaranteed every time we deliver a job. The acquisitions have allowed us to dramatically increase capacity, so we can not only meet but exceed customer expectations.’

Nilpeter’s FA press is enhanced by AVT’s Helios S Turbo+ and Workflow Link and the Bellissima Digitally Modulated Screening (DMS) from Hamillroad Software. When installed on a printing press, the AVT Helios S Turbo+ operates as an in-line quality assurance and process control system, alerting on potential print problems and recording every relevant defect. Via an integrated reporting mechanism from press to rewinder, the WorkFlow Link module is later used for downstream repair on the finishing machine or in quality reports for the end-user. The Helios is also equipped with a built-in PrintFlow module, where operators use in-line reporting to review job/order/roll reports, edit and export to digital files, or print reports for later material handling.

To increase the efficiency of its job changeovers, the company has also invested in a new Ashe Opal ISR 440 – a duplex rewind inspection slitter rewinder with operation speeds up to 1,150ft/min (350mpm) – which works with AVT Workflow Link digital roll mapping feature. AVT Workflow Link allows for the editing of the digital roll map to enable the rewinder to stop only on the relevant defects for removal while running at top speeds, no matter the substrate used.

Catapult’s array of technological advancements also includes Esko’s XPS Crystal CDI, advanced photopolymer plate technology from MacDermid, INX International’s ink technology, mixing equipment from HMJ tech, Label Traxx software, X-Rite’s independent color referencing, and a Ravenwood Com500 coater.

Company CEO Mark Cook, said: ‘Having everything under one roof could be considered the norm, especially when you’re dealing with major brands and retailers, so often it’s the technology and culture that helps you carve a niche and sets you apart from the competition. Having a can-do attitude whilst delivering high quality, short lead times and an aggressive pricing strategy has been a big part of our rapid growth story. In addition to this we are resolutely focused on what’s important to customers, which is why we built our business around five key pillars: quality, price, service, lead times and innovation – all of which underpin our ambition to be the go-to partner for private- and national brands alike.

We’ve been working with Nilpeter presses since our opening, so we can attest they really are the Rolls Royce of printing presses. They’ve blown me away in terms of registration, quality and speed. Teamed up with AVT, we can deliver results of the highest quality, with turnaround times that make a day-to-night difference among clients who need their products on shelf without delay. Working with Nilpeter and AVT, these are companies that care about your business. We think of them as more than mere suppliers – they are true partners.’

Paul Teachout, vice president sales and marketing, Nilpeter USA, said: ‘Catapult Print has become more than a partner – the innovation that they present to our industry sets the bar for the future of dynamic packaging solutions. It has been a mutually rewarding experience as they allow us to push the bar with new press innovations. The addition of the new FA press will allow Catapult to take its production and products to yet another level.’


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