Etic.a invests in Lombardi Digistar

Italian converter Etic.a, based near Rome, has installed Lombardi Digistar 430-band finishing machine fitted with a Bravo screen printing module and the Toro hot gold finisher to expand its offering and increase competitiveness in wine and cosmetics markets.

Italian converter Etic.a invests in Lombardi 430-band finishing machine

‘The Digistar is the machine we have been waiting for because its characteristics of productivity and quality that can make us very competitive both in terms of product quality and price in the markets we are aiming to develop’, said Gianni Olivieri, one of the Etic.founders. ‘Our relationship with Lombardi started with a decisive decision following an in-depth market research at the beginning of 2014 when we evaluated all the main suppliers of flexo printing machines. After seeing a Lombardi machine at work with one of their clients, we felt it was the one with the best value for money on all fronts. Since the installation of the Lombardi first machine we have experienced their level of after sales service and, therefore, it has been easy to continue with them.’

Etic.a currently produces self-adhesive labels aimed particularly at the food and large-scale sectors, cosmetics and automotive targeting medium and large. The converter also offers skilled graphics advise that helps the customers in making the best choices in designing and producing labels. 

With the purchase of Lombardi Digistar, the company is looking to increase its market share of higher value labels, especially for wine and cosmetics markets. However, the recent investment is only a part of an ambitious, long-term growth strategy.

‘We have completely renewed the machinery line and introduced digital technology and to enhance the labels. But in addition to the machines directly involved in production, the investments are aimed at quality control and reporting tools for production activities, in the light of an Industry 4.0 perspective. But our most important investments are the people: in every business area there are professionals who are passionate about their work and have a deep belief in the company project,’ concluded Olivieri.