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  • 23 Nov 2021

Forlabels intensifies partnership with MPS

Greek converter Forlabels has invested in a second MPS flexo press and implemented MPSConnect and a Performance Program including performance improvement

Greek converter Forlabels has invested in a second MPS flexo press and implemented MPSConnect and a Performance Program including performance improvement, additional training, and supply of all tooling.

After experiencing top results from the purchase of its first fully automated MPS EF flexo press in 2016, the Greek narrow web printer collaborates with the Dutch supplier to improve the overall business performance. MPS services include additional training to operators and management, inspection visits, and the supply of all necessary tooling. 

Forlabels also recently purchased another fully automated MPS EFA 430 press.

Sebastiaan Rakhorst, MPS regional sales director, said: ‘With two fully automated MPS EFA 430 presses in house, Forlabels is equipped with the highest quality printing capabilities to deliver the maximum result for its customers. However, it was also interested in achieving the best overall performance for the company. That’s where we come in as a performance supplier.’

‘We found a true business partner in MPS,’ said Vassilis Chatzichrysos, head of technical strategy at Forlabels. ‘MPS is not interested in just making money or selling machines. They are truly interested in a long-term partnership that involves supporting us reach a higher level.’’

The two MPS presses at Forlabels are fully connected. MPS can convert data from both presses into intelligence using market benchmarks and performance evaluations with a digital twin. The presses also have a Cerm integration for automation via MIS and remote support. Following MPS’ advice on tooling and consumables, MPS also delivered tooling from their trusted suppliers.

In addition to MPSConnect to retrieve and analyze the data coming from the press, MPS further extends its services with Performance Programs that include monthly reports and in-depth advice about the entire printing process. 

‘Offering a printing press is no longer enough,’ commented Atze Bosma, CEO of MPS. ‘We are going beyond the machine by working together with our customers to improve their entire business performance. In this industry, we see room for improvement and that’s where we’d like to help. Not only by delivering equipment for the highest quality labels or packaging, but also the highest efficiency of our customers’ business.’

Avgerinos Chatzichrysos, CEO and sales director of Forlabels, added: ‘We are convinced these steps in performance improvement are making our company even more successful. We already see better results in our printing quality and delivery times, and with a lower cost price per 1,000 labels, Forlabels is even more competitive in the market. We are ramping up, and still, results are consistent and predictable. We are looking forward to continually improving our performance, with support from MPS.’


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