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  • 27 Jan 2022

Govind Digital Print Art installs Cron CtP

(L-R) Durgesh Billore, Hemant Billore and Govinda Billore, founders of Govind Digital Print Art

Indore based pre-press bureau Govind Digital Print Art has installed Cron UV CtP system. The system was installed by Monotech Systems.

As a recent start by three brothers Hemant Billore, Govinda Billore, and Durgesh Billore, the company has become one of the leading prepress bureau covering Indore and surrounding areas. Backed by approximately 10 employees in different capacities the company is doing a plate production of 400 – 500 plates a day with a buffering capability of 300 more plates a day.   
Hemant Billore said: ‘We started recently and bought first CtP from Monotech Systems, HGDE. Once the demand excelled, we planned to upgrade the existing CtP. Cron performance was already known to me from my experience in printing and the product was also available with Monotech Systems therefore, it was a smooth up-gradation process. I can vouch that the machine is very easy to operate and performance-wise it’s the best. It delivers high performance for us which led us to fulfil the huge demand that we are experiencing and delivering.’    
Cron CtP offer accurate dot formation and a tonal range of 1-99 percent in an either conventional or special screening and up to 2800dpi resolution (or an optional 3600dpi). All Cron CtP can be customized for newspaper, commercial and security applications with resolution options from 1200 to 9600dpi.  
‘During elections, we were even able to deliver 900 plates per day. Because of this, we are confident of handling any demand from the market. On top of it, the support from Monotech Systems is incomparable. They know what they are giving to the customer, act responsibly and stand with them,’ He added. 


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