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  • 28 Apr 2022

ILS sees high demand for its pallet labeling system

Industrial Labelling Systems (ILS) is seeing strong demand for its FlexWipe pallet labeling system

Print and apply labeling specialist Industrial Labelling Systems (ILS) is seeing strong demand for its FlexWipe pallet labeling system. To date ILS has installed over 80 FlexWipe systems across Europe, USA and Australia and is continuing to see demand grow in the past 18 months, particularly in the cold storage sector.

The combination of a small footprint, fast operation and market-leading safety standards together with the ability to work across a wide variety of temperatures down to –28 degrees Celsius have revolutionized pallet labeling and made it a firm favorite with customers, the company said.  
Customers include NewCold and Lineage Logistics who have over 40 FlexWipe systems operating between them.   
FlexWipe applicator is claimed to be capable of operating in ‘ultra-cold’ climates, without the need for additional heaters or special cabinets. Working with varying pallet surfaces – uneven, rough, or cold – the FlexWipe ‘wipes’ accurately over the label after it has been tapered.  
Built around two independent, motorized arms which can move both horizontally and vertically, the ILS FlexWipe can label three sides of a pallet.  
Denis Brett, managing director at ILS, said: ‘In the competitive chilled and frozen products sector, manufacturers are looking for a reliable pallet labeling system that can maintain throughput to meet the often-demanding requirements of the supply chain.  
‘In addition, with its ability to apply labels non-stop in often harsh operational environments, the FlexWipe is also helping customers remove team members from these conditions, increasing site safety and production efficiently.’   
At the same time, the FlexWipe includes several advanced safety features. By using specialist sensor technology with pulse encoders inside the controlling stepper monitor, every unit automatically stops and pivots itself away if it senses a foreign object or person in possible trap points. This removes the need for cumbersome cages and safety coverings, thus allowing for easy access when changing label rolls and inks.   
Safety is also enhanced through the FlexWipe’s automated height adjustment. Designed with pressure-controlled pneumatics and laser height-sensors, this custom-built feature constantly monitors and controls the arm movements, with a safety break there to ensure the system can be stopped if power or air is disconnected. If vertical movement is slightly hindered, the motorized stand immediately stops and alerts with a warning alarm.   
The FlexWipe’s built-in validation check scanner is designed to read one or two-dimensional bar codes. Combined with the lightweight arms, the machine takes up less than 1sqm on the shop floor. 


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