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  • 09 Jan 2019

Jet Label & Packaging invests in single-pass RFID insertion

Jet Label & Packaging invests in single-pass RFID insertion

Canada’s Jet Label & Packaging has installed a single-pass RFID inserting system involving an existing Mark Andy flexographic press and an RFID application unit from Tamarack.

Jet Label & Packaging, Western Canada’s largest producer of labels and printed tape for a broad range of industries, used an existing Mark Andy press at its manufacturing facility for the upgrade. Engineers from Mark Andy retrofitted the press to allow room for the Tamarack components.

The resulting single-pass RFID insertion sees labelstock briefly opened for RFID inlay, then relaminated via finishing operations. The new system then verifies RFID function with a reader system after die-cutting.

RFID labels are becoming increasingly popular in Canada and the US, to streamline processing issues and reduce costs. Jet Label selected the Tamarack system for its unique ‘profiling’ motion that smooths inlay feeding, allowing for insertion at increased speeds.

Darrell Friesen, president and CEO at Jet Label & Packaging, said: ‘The new RFID inserting system will immediately impact our customers, chiefly through faster turnaround times. By combining various features and capabilities, the RFID equipment will streamline this labeling and printing niche in a precise and expedient fashion.’ 


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