Kongsberg celebrates 200th installation in India

Seals a new deal with Any Graphics

Kongsberg Precision Cutting Systems (Kongsberg PCS) celebrated its 200th installation in India, following a new deal to supply its X20 table to Any Graphics. 

‘Any Graphics has used Kongsberg equipment for many years,’ said Rafiq Shaikh, sales and service leader for Kongsberg PCS. ‘When the company was looking for the most up-to-date machine and tool combinations for their facility in Greater Noida, they opted for Kongsberg.’ 

Any Graphics acquired a new Kongsberg X20 table fitted with the FlexiHead tool, which combines accurate cutting with power and robustness - even for the most complex and compact materials. 

‘Perfect for short-run and sample making, the Kongsberg X20 is the most versatile table on the market,’ said Rafiq. ‘With this combination of table and tools, Any Graphics now has a range of options available that can finish various materials from labels, folding cartons and corrugated board through to foam, Kappa boards, varnish blankets and PVC. Importantly, the X20 is also fully upgradeable, so can evolve to meet the changing needs of the business, enabling Any Graphics to boost productivity, add volume and even enter new market segments.’ 

With more than 25 years’ experience and ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 certification, Noida-based Any Graphics boasts a wide product portfolio including mono cartons, rigid boxes, self-adhesive labels, dome stickers, graphics, panel overlays, warranty seals, commercial print, blister cards and publicity material. 

‘To our customers, Any Graphics is a one-stop solution provider,’ said managing director Kuldeep Goel. ‘This latest generation Kongsberg X cutting table offers us the speed, accuracy, and performance level we need to meet the ever changing demands of those customers, while also delivering the flexibility and upgradability that secures our investment as we grow in the future. 

‘The incredible versatility of the tools means each can cut multiple substrates, so there are fewer tool changes, which saves our operators job preparation time. In terms of production delivery, the machine also produces die-like finish samples, helping to accelerate our sales approval,’ added Goel. 

The new deal also marks the 200th installation of Kongsberg table in India. ‘The very first table was installed in Parkson Packaging just over 20 years ago, in 2001,’ explained Rafiq. ‘That machine is still running in the company’s Rudrapur Plant. In the years since, manufacturers and converters have all come under increasing pressure to produce faster, safer, and more efficiently to meet the demands of the global market. That’s why at Kongsberg PCS, we continue to explore and develop innovative new ways to add value to the cutting and routing processes, which in turn adds significant value to businesses,’ he said. 

‘The extensive range of Kongsberg tooling delivers greater freedom in design and creativity, while our solutions combine with advanced software and robotics to deliver complete automation for printers and converters around the globe. This commitment to our customers is how we accomplished to install the second 100 tables in India in just five years as opposed to the 18 years it took to reach that first landmark of 100 tables!’