LMI Packaging installs Vetaphone treaters

US-based LMI Packaging has invested in Vetaphone VE-2A treaters for its Mark Andy P7 flexo presses to improve productivity and production reliability in a humid environment.
LMI Packaging has invested in Vetaphone VE-2A treaters for its Mark Andy P7 flexo presses

LMI Packaging was established in 1967 by Chester Sykes. Today, under the leadership of his grandson JP Moran as CEO, the company employs around 150 people and operates at a 72,000 sqft facility. A long-time Mark Andy user, LMI currently operates highly specified Performance P-Series flexo presses with up to 11-colors. 

‘We’ve seen business double in the past two years, and it shows no sign of slowing down,’ said Moran. ‘We see the Mark Andys as good all-round workhorses that are capable of high-speed production of top-quality work.’

AJ Chivel, director of engineering at LMI, added: ‘Our previous presses were fitted with a brand of treater that was not entirely reliable, especially in the humid conditions we experience here in the summer months. They were also difficult for the operator to access for cleaning, maintenance, and adjustment.’

LMI spoke about this issue with other narrow web converters, the brand that consistently drew praise for its reliability and ease of use was Vetaphone. Coping with humidity problems is known to the Danish manufacturer from its experience supplying the technology to converters in various climate conditions. The design that separates the power unit from the treater station is key to its success. Combined with the slow start-up mechanism on the iCorona generator, it removes the danger of any condensation causing cut-out or corrosion issues.

LMI has not experienced production stoppages from condensation causing a power outage on the corona unit since both its Mark Andy P7 lines were fitted with Vetaphone VE-2A treaters.

‘Not only are they reliable and consistent in power delivery, the location and size of the units make them easy for the operator to carry out all the necessary jobs to maintain performance,’ said Chivell. ‘Vetaphone technology is easy to learn and the units are simple to control via the touch panel.

‘We have been really impressed by the service and support from Vetaphone’s Eric Hopfensperger who is based locally, so any concerns we might have had about using its equipment were quickly removed. It could not have worked out better.

‘I would unquestionably recommend Vetaphone technology to anyone who needs surface treatment. I can guarantee it will be its corona treater fitted to our new flexo press that will be installed soon.’