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  • 17 Oct 2018

Losan Pharma achieves zero downtime with Domino’s label and camera control systems

Losan Pharma’s new stick pack forming, filling and sealing lines have been breakdown free

Losan Pharma’s new stick pack forming, filling and sealing lines have been fully operational and breakdown free, for the 13,400 hours – and counting – since its integrated Domino label and camera control systems went live.

Domino’s printing expertise, an intelligent camera from Cognex and image processing software from Krempien+Petersen were combined for Losan’s stick pack lines. 

Since the print and verification system was installed nine months ago, all four of the new two-line Merz packing machines have been operational 24/7.

Losan Pharma’s head of production Dr Johannes Trapp said: ‘We needed to establish an innovative labeling system with camera control for several packaging lanes operating independently of each other. For this purpose, all the printers and control cameras need to be controlled from a central control panel.

‘To meet our requirements, we decided on the Domino G320i thermal inkjet OEM boards, together with KUPvision camera control, since this solution seemed best suited to meet our requirements.We also found that we could integrate both the printers and the control cameras into the Merz stick pack machines without any issues.

The system’s centralized touchscreen industrial PC is used to input text, visualize test results, monitor printer status and parameterize test systems after set-up. Its ability to store error patterns acts as a warning system, which works to keep label information accurate. 

Specifically designed for original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) and system integrators, Domino’s G320i OEM board fits seamlessly into the target system and is controlled by its HMI. 

The system’s four print heads in four different print groups offer OEMs a wealth of configuration options for printing pinpoint-sharp codes at high production speeds. The inclusion of cameras within the bespoke labeling system provides the quality scrutiny to ensure Losan Pharma’s print and data accuracy before products leave the facility.

To ensure quick drying times and high contrast, Domino experts specified the use of ethanol-based BK118 pharmaceutical ink to print the product’s expiry date and batch number onto the stick packs.

BK118 delivers uniform, long-lasting character coding at high production speeds. Domino’s specification for the use of BK118 pivoted on the ink’s abrasion resistance in plastic film prints. 

The system engineered by Domino allows printing, camera checking and drying processes to all happen within a half-second window.   

Produced in line with the latest regulations and recommendations, KUPvision mark and vision software connects intuitively to print and inspection systems. 

KUPvision is suitable for sectors beyond pharmaceutical, auto and food industries and, like Domino’s print systems, the hardware is modular by design. 

The smooth integration of modular components forms an important part of Domino’s offering and it matched Dr Trapp’s expectations. ‘I would highly recommend Domino as a systems supplier,’ he added.


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