Pechatniy Mir makes further MPS investment with EB flexo press duo

Ukrainian printer Pechatniy Mir has invested in two additional EB flexo presses to expand its market segments and printing of intricate label designs.

Ukrainian printer Pechatniy Mir has invested in its second and third MPS EB flexo presses

Pechatniy Mir has added 9- and 10-color, 370mm MPS EB presses to its existing model, which was purchased at Labelexpo Europe 2015. All three EB presses sales were led through the local MPS agent Polygraph Partner.

A fast-growing printing house in the East of Ukraine, and unique in being the only Ukraine printer to offer both offset and flexo printing, Pechatniy Mir specializes in label printing for food, beverage and household labels. In recent years, the company has experienced an increased demand for wine and spirits labels, a market segment which influenced the investment of two additional EB presses to expand capacity, in addition to the ability of printing intricate labels on shorter runs. The 10-color press will be equipped with an MPS cross-over unit for easier production of multi-layer labels.

Ruslan Filibok, owner of Pechatniy Mir, explained: ‘We are extremely satisfied with the results delivered by our first MPS EB press. The productivity is outstanding, and even on the shorter runs we are able to achieve maximum results and switch between runs with ease, thanks to the press’ built-in capability to provide fast job change-overs.’