Bestseller partners with Avery Dennison to improve visibility across supply chain

The company uses RFID technology for inventory and shipping accuracy of millions of items per year.

Avery Dennison has partnered with Bestseller, a global fashion apparel company, to deploy Avery Dennison’s Case Verification - to RFID-enable its distribution centers and ensure inventory and shipping accuracy for millions of items per year.

Case Verification helps brands efficiently achieve up to 100 percent shipping accuracy in the supply chain through highly accurate RFID-readpoints and efficient workflows for exception handling.

Traditionally, many apparel brands adopting RFID have seen compelling advantages by solely using the technology in retail. Case Verification offers a powerful and easy to implement capability to further capitalize on the advantages of RFID in the supply chain through increased accuracy and efficiency.

The technology comprises RFID hardware and software that are tuned to deliver the highest performance and throughput, as well as labels, and a global professional services model for implementation and deployment.

Michael Kaufmann, senior director of logistics for identification solutions at Avery Dennison, said: ‘The apparel industry has seen enormous benefits in brick-and-mortar stores through RFID technology by boosting product availability and improving the consumer experience. With our recent implementations, we have seen how much more can be unlocked when leveraging the technology more consistently throughout the supply chain to drive accuracy and product availability.

‘Case Verification is a natural next step for us to create more value for brands and consumers, and we are incredibly proud to be partnering with Bestseller on this implementation. Ultimately, this is an important building block for an efficient, fully digitized supply chain.’

Case Verification identifies the content of inbound and outbound shipments through RFID technology. The content of individual cartons or cases is captured and compared with the ordered quantity to identify potential discrepancies.

In addition, Case Verification provides means to deal with these discrepancies to improve the accuracy of shipments, remove friction further down the supply chain, and eliminate claims.

Casper Overhaven Harboe of Bestseller, added: ‘RFID-enabling our supplier network is set to be a game changer for the company since we will be looking to automate all our inbound and outbound shipment verification in our distribution centers and factories. Avery Dennison’s unique solution enables us to monitor our entire distribution network performance in an intuitive dashboard.

‘As a result, any errors can be spotted straight away and corrected before they impact our wider supply chain. Longer term we expect the insights we are gaining to help us make more strategic decisions and further boost our supply chain efficiency.’