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  • 22 Nov 2012

Cheshire Anilox installs fifth Fibre laser

In collaboration with Applied Laser Engineering, Cheshire Anilox Technology has installed a fifth Fibre laser. The 500W laser is said to be the most advanced of its kind and will allow Cheshire to produce high quality bespoke engravings to suit challenging flexo and coating applications.

The new four and a half meter Fibre laser system is equipped with the latest Multi Beam Technology for high precision and high quality engraving with fully programmable cell geometries. It can produce engravings from 25LPI-2000LPI.

It features a Custom Pulse to provide graphical control and creation of bespoke cell shapes, as well as the latest MAD engraving mode for high precision engraving. This is said to offer greater control over cell shape for maximum release and ‘absolute engraving consistency’ with less than one percent cell volume variation across the roll surface.

The purchase completes a series of investments in new coating, finishing and laser equipment. Paul Smith, managing director of Cheshire Anilox Technology, described the major investment project: ‘As necessary to ensure sustainability and improve quality and deliveries. It also offers Cheshire access to the latest coating and engraving technology to ensure we can stay at the forefront of Anilox innovation for many years to come’.

Pictured: Cheshire Anilox Technology has installed a fifth Fibre laser

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