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  • 19 Feb 2018

ebeam Technologies launches EB curing for HP Indigo 20000

ebeam Technologies announces ebeam Core optimized for HP Indigo 20000 finishing

ebeam Technologies, a developer and manufacturer of electron beam (EB) products, has launched Core 100/760, an EB curing system for finishing of labels and flexible packaging materials printed on an HP Indigo 20000 digital press.

The ebeam Core 100/760 is being demonstrated on a GM coating unit at the HP Indigo worldwide VIP event in Israel this week (February 20-21).

Optimized for over-print varnish applications on the HP Indigo 20000 digital press, the ebeam Core 100/760 delivers instant EB curing for production of safe indirect food-contact packaging – enabling fast time to all markets.

EB curing can produce high-gloss, matte and soft touch finishes that are scratch, tear, puncture and fade resistant, resulting in substantially increased package durability and abrasion resistance. Finished materials have increased heat resistance, which enables heat-sealing to form pouches and, as it is a room-temperature process, heat-sensitive substrates can be easily cured. The EB curing system can also be used to perform a cast and cure process, delivering hologram effects that make finished products stand out on store shelves.

EB curing acts as a comprehensive cure for food-safe indirect food-contact packaging because it eliminates the need for photoinitiators, removing the risks associated with their migration. It also offers other important health, environmental and sustainability benefits.

‘The combination of HP Indigo 20000 and ebeam Core 100/760 with either an in-line or near-line coating unit is a perfect fit for surface print flexible packaging, such as form-fill-seal reel-fed lidding applications, which require highly demanding and durable protection for HP Indigo ElectroInks,’ said Mach Machikawa, HP Indigo global flexible packaging segment manager. ‘The potential for faster turnaround times, new market opportunitie through high value-added embellishment, and sustainability offer HP Indigo 20000 users a genuine competitive edge.’

Elsa Callini, business development manager at ebeam Technologies, added: ‘Our ebeam Core 100/760 solution is based on a simple design originated from our proven and reliable ebeam Core series. It has an integrated shield roll for web support and, thanks to electron beam technology’s considerably lower energy consumption, is cost effective to operate.

‘By addressing many important flexible packaging challenges, including fast turnaround times, environmental factors and traditional barriers to the safe production of indirect food-contact flexible packaging – we believe we have a promising solution for finishers and converters.’


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