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  • 17 Mar 2010

EFI ink approved by Nordic Ecolabeling Board

EFI Vutek QS Series r ink has been approved by the Nordic Ecolabeling Board, and print companies may now refer to the approved ink when documenting their application for a Nordic Ecolabeling license. In order to achieve Nordic Ecolabeling status, printing companies agree to follow a certain criteria set, which includes the use of approved media and ink including the Vutek QS Series r Ink.  

Established in 1989 by the Nordic Council of Ministers, the Nordic Ecolabel's goal is a sustainable society through sustainable consumerism. Commonly known as the Swan logo, it is the official ecolabel of the Nordic countries. It covers 66 product categories, including cleaning products, furniture, toys, hotels, restaurants and printing businesses. Over 200 printing companies throughout Sweden, Norway, Iceland, Denmark and Finland are ecolabel-licensed, meaning they have shown that they and their entire supply chain meet a number of environmental requirements.

The voluntary approval process for inks consists of tests for environmentally harmful substances, health hazards, problematic chemicals, volatile organic compounds (VOCs) and heavy metals such as lead and mercury.  

’The QS Series r Ink is a great example of the company's long-held commitment to the environment,’ said Scott Schinlever, vice president and general manager, EFI Rastek and EFI Ink Business. ‘EFI wholeheartedly agrees with the Nordic Ecolabel's goal of sustainable society through sustainable consumerism, and we're proud to offer yet another eco-friendly product to our customers.’