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  • 13 Jan 2010

Flint Group expands Polish site

Flint Group is expanding its manufacturing site for liquid packaging and sheetfed inks at Konstantynow Lodzki in Poland

‘Thanks to strong and long-term partnerships with our established customers we can look back on a very successful business development in this country during the last 10 years of Flint Group’s presence in Poland,’ commented Krzysztof Struszczak, managing director, Flint Group Polska. ‘The original site layout was coming close to its limits. Consequently it was decided to improve the infrastructure and expand the capacity of our Polish site to accommodate future growth.’ 

In May 2009, the contractor started to build a new warehouse, a production hall and offices, with the new set-up due to be ready by mid-2010. 

‘While the hall is being constructed, the operations team is revising processes to make sure they are updated to be as efficient and quick as possible in responding to customer needs. When the new site is close to being completed a “dry run” is planned in order to make sure the solutions and layout are utilized to the maximum potential and benefit for our customers,’ explained Struszczak. 

The new site will include extended storage and blending areas for solvent and water based inks as well as a sheetfed mixing area. As part of the expansion, a new solvent-based blending system for packaging inks has already become operational during December 2009 to ensure fulfillment of lead times.  

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