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  • 09 Oct 2008

GSE reports successful Labelexpo Americas

GSE Dispensing has reported growing interest in its automated ink dispensing systems, and a successful Labelexpo Americas, as printers, concerned by the likelihood of recession, look for leaner manufacturing solutions.

Anne Lourens, managing director of GSE Dispensing, said: ‘We have seen an increase in business in recent months from label and packaging printers – in fact we have had our busiest summer on record. Because of the uncertain state of the world economy, to which many graphics industry suppliers are sensitive, printers are keenly seek ways to improve productivity and drive down waste. Our modular gravimetric ink dispensing program has proven to be a very effective way doing just this.’

A highlight of the company’s Labelexpo booth was the Colorsat Match ink dispenser. This gives narrow web flexo converters, consumers of relatively small volumes of ink, a productive, precise, ‘hands-free’ color-on-demand solution for a fast return on investment. With a dispensing range of between 1 and 5 kg, UV-curable and water-based inks can be prepared from up to 20 components, within four minutes.

The dispenser’s proprietary Windows XP-based Ink Management Software (IMS) software improves ink yields through its ability to instantly calculate surplus ink formulations from previous jobs (‘press-returns’) into new recipes. Some customers are known to improve ink yields by up to 30 percent as a result, reports the company.

GSE also released an upgrade of its ink management software, IMS 3.70. New features include the ability to make dosage corrections during the dispensing operation, greater stock control accuracy through ability to account for diluted inks, full traceability of ink returns, and the generation of individual container numbers and labels. Users also enjoy greater accuracy of management reports, with data represented to 0.1 percent instead of approximations to the nearest percentage point. In addition, features such as color correction, bucket numbering and anilox roll correction are now standard. Software navigation in Croatian has also been included to the available language options.