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  • 23 Sep 2017

Indian companies at Labelexpo Europe 2017

Amit Ahuja, director at Multitec at his company's stand in discussion with visitors at Labelexpo Europe 2015Globus International team at Labelexpo Europe 2015Rohit Mehta, director at SMI Coated Products in discussion with visitors during Labelexpo Europe 2015Rohit deshpande, director at IEEC (left) during Labelexpo Europe 2015

Thirteen exhibitors from India are participating at Labelexpo Europe 2017 to show new developments and products from their respective companies.

Second time participant, Convertech will introduce Sureprint Series 1000 doctor blades. These blades offer better wear resistance and protection against abrasive inks. In terms of performance and pricing, this new range is positioned between the company’s carbon steel blades and Excel Pro long life blades.

Convertech will also have on display a range of other doctor blades for standard flexo and gravure printing process as well as for coating applications. The company will show HST, Series 1000, Excel and Excel Pro premium blades for low friction doctoring with long running life.

Cosmo Films will present universal printable coated BOPP label face stock films. These films are available in transparent, white and metallized varieties (both coated and uncoated options), and are compatible with UV, water- and solvent-based ink systems and can be printed using flexo, gravure, letterpress, offset, screen, thermal transfer and HP Indigo digital print processes. The company will also show label overlamination films. Cosmo Films offers transparent films for overlamination of labels. The product required for print protection comes in both gloss and matte varieties in 12, 15 and 20 microns. Cosmo Film recently launched top-coated direct thermal printable film for track and trace labeling applications. The product is water and solvent resistant, has matte paper-like appearance, and can endure a temperature range of -20 to 70 degrees C. The product is available in 60, 75, 87 and 100 microns. A high temperature variety that can endure temperatures of -20 to 130 degrees C has also been launched. Cosmo Films’ universal printable synthetic paper is a white opaque polypropylene based film which resembles paper in appearance. The film is printable with most available printing technologies. It is non-tearable, has moisture and chemical resistance and excellent lay flatness.

Garware Polyester will introduce new colored thermal lamination feather feel film at the show floor. Other exhibits will include PET high shrink film (PETG), PET lidding films (lock seal and peelable-sealable with anti-fog), PET release liner, PET matt film, PET white opaque film, and PET/BOPP based thermal lamination films. Visitors will see a range of PET high shrink films with properties such as optical brightener, UV inhibitor, medium shrink, PET white shrink, low shrink force high shrink film.

Mohan Adsul, technical director at Garware Polyester, said: ‘We are exhibiting at Labelexpo Europe to create our brand presence and to make the industry aware of the company and its products.’

Globus International, a manufacturer of silicone coated release liners based in Khopoli near Mumbai, will exhibit recently launched products that are fluoro silicone, HDPE, LDPE and non silicone coated liners. ‘These liners have been commercialized and are extensively being supplied to the global markets,’ explained Harsh Doshi, co-director at the company. ‘We are positive about reaching out to new customers at Labelexpo Europe 2017. Globus International increased its production capacity in 2015 to cater to wider market.

Key exhibits from Holostik will include multi-lens, registered hot stamping foil and self-adhesive label with 3D effect. Other products on display will be security holograms with up to 120,000 DPI for dot matrix origination and electron beam origination, holographic hot stamping foils, shrink sleeves with and without holography, holographic induction sealing liners with wads and pressure sensitive wads, wide web holographic packaging films, security and other paper labels, holographic scratch and scratch on paper labels, pouches with and without holography, revenue and excise tax stamps for liquor and cigarettes.

Indian manufacturer of corona treatment system, IEEC, will display its latest model of corona treater for the narrow web segment. IEEC has integrated a 4.5in color HMI on treating stations for ease of operation and control. The pullout cartridge for the ceramic electrode is designed for web threading and easy maintenance, which reduces the downtime of machine. The compact design of the treating station allows it to mount in a limited space on any narrow web press. IEEC corona treatment systems are CE marked confirming to American and European safety standards. The company was awarded the India Design Mark award from the Government of India for best design category of narrow web treater.

Mona Equipment will introduce an air expanding over shaft with diameter of 10in and 12in for paper labels to the international market. The company has been exporting the product to Ireland, Netherlands, Germany, Kenya and India. Other exhibits on the show floor will include a cantilever air expanding shaft for 1in to 6in core ID and a small air expanding shaft for half inch code ID for label and packaging industry; 2in and 3in frictional lock for slitting machines, doctor blades, safety chucks and core knives.

Third time exhibitor, Monotech Systems, will have an information booth at the show floor. The company will display its portfolio of products through brochures, samples and interactive sessions with visitors. The product range at Monotech Systems includes hybrid inkjet printing system for variable data printing, VSRI machine for variable data inkjet printing, slitter rewinder and inspection system, full color UV inkjet press and hybrid full color inkjet, and track and trace workflow. The company also offers systems for printing on plastic cards, security and other inkjet printing systems.

On his expectations from the show, Jimit Mittal of Monotech Systems said: ‘We expect to reach a new level in our global presence and participation. We have recently launched our full color UV inkjet printing press, hybrid full color UV inkjet, and track and trace workflow, which we believe would open new opportunities in global market. We expect to expand our reach in global market through partners.’

Indian machine manufacturer, Multitec, will launch the S2 label printing press at the show. The company has developed the sleeve concept for this machine where the print cylinder has been converted into a metal sleeve with side bearers. The sleeve is self sufficient in the sense that it does not need an air mandrel to be mounted.

Multitec managing director Amit Ahuja said: ‘The advantages of a metal sleeve over the conventional sleeve are that it is more rugged than a conventional sleeve, it does not have a notch system for locking unlike a conventional sleeve which is prone to damage over time, it does not need an air mandrel for mounting, it is more economical than a conventional sleeve, and it can be produced by any print cylinder manufacturer. Multitec can also make these sleeves in-house.’

The print unit of the S2 press has a direct servo drive on the print sleeve and a direct servo drive on the impression cylinder. ‘So there are two servo drives per print unit. An 8-color S2 press has 19 servo drives,’ he explained.

Indian labelstock manufacturer, SMI Coated Products, will launch clear on clear using HM adhesive and peelable label stock for wet wipes. SMI Clarity is a product commonly known as clear on clear. Using a hot melt adhesive, printers can produce high clarity labels which can be applied on a variety of substrates. The second product for wet wipes has been made using SMI 46300Y, a UV curable adhesive, developed for this application. SMI will have its other products on display as well.

Ajay Mehta, SMI Coated Products managing director, said: ‘Labelexpo Europe is a great platform for our clients to discuss new applications and understand the range of products we can offer for various applications. We are always open to discuss and explain the technicalities of labelstocks.’

Second time participant at Labelexpo Europe, Stic-on Papers will launch coated labelstock targeted mainly at the inkjet label industry. Both pigment- and dye-based inks work well on this substrate. Read a feature on the company here.

United Ink & Varnish will showcase its range of inks for the label industry with a focus on specialty and security inks. The display will include scented inks, temperature sensitive inks, UV chromic inks, aqua chromic inks, invisible inks, glow in dark inks, coin reactive inks, benzo free varnish, drip effect varnish along with UV flexo inks.

Indian press and ancillary equipment manufacturer, UV Graphic Technologies, will make a global launch of its automated universal video plate mounter, which allows mounting of flexo plates in less than 30 seconds. Abhay Datta, UV Graphic Technologies director, said: ‘Plates of an 8-color job could be mounted in as little as four minutes flat. Besides, this is the only plate mounter in the market which can mount plates of traditional presses as well as the latest presses with sleeves.’

Other products on display will include a water-cooled UV LED system for flexo presses, core cutting machinery, and print and magnetic cylinders.

On his expectations from the show, Datta said: ‘It is always good to exhibit at Labelexpo Europe. We will meet clients from all over the world and are sure of selling most machines at the show floor and get good number of enquiries specifically for the newly developed Ultraflex UFO 10-color full servo flexo press with various combinations and in-line rotary hot foil stamping with foil saver, which we will have information brochures of at our stand.’

Indian machine manufacturer Vinsak, and the representative of AB Graphics, Iwasaki and Lombardi in the country, will show its machines on the Iwasaki stand.