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  • 21 Sep 2015

Labelexpo Europe 2015 new products preview - ancillaries

Re Controlli Industriali shows the new Smartmotion web guide system with Wligo remote controller

As part of L&L's comprehensive preview of new products to be seen at Labelexpo Europe 2015, here the magazine highlights new ancillary products, such as dies, doctor blades and web cleaning systems, that will be seen at the show.

The full preview can be read in L&L issue 4, 2015, and online here, while you can read more about the following technologies on the L&L website: digital presses; conventional presses; inks, curing and drying; materials, adhesives and coatings; MIS and pre-press; finishing; inspection; linerless and package printing.


Alphasonics will show new developments in anilox cleaning which adds facilities for control over the lifetime of the roll. A new technology that alternates between varying ultrasonic frequencies in one cleaning cycle will receive its debut.


Introduces the Sureprint Excel Pro doctor blade for high wear resistance applications including metallic inks, and for both flexo and gravure presses.

Daetwyler SwissTec

Introduces Onestep doctor blade, a one piece construction which eliminates the need for a backup blade and allows straight mounting without deviation. The rigid design allows thicker ink to meter normally while maintaining a clean, sharp wipe, says the company. The strengthened blade decreases blade flex, creating consistent ink film metering without an ink hydroplaning effect behind the blade, helping eliminates or substantially lessen UV ink spitting.

Electro Optic Group

Launches a specialist die for ‘no-label’ look bottle labels using PP or PET film on PET liner down to 19 micron. The dies minimize the risk of deep cuts into the liner when processing thin liner materials even on older presses. Bottle Die is based on Electro Optic’s GLS (Gold Line Special) technology. The company also introduces flexible dies tailored for fruit labels and IML products and gives live demonstrations of repairing damaged flexible dies with its patented die repair tool kit.


Elclean is a new contact cleaner available for both single and double-sided web cleaning. A drawer system allows an adhesive layer to be pulled off quickly and easily from the adhesive roller. No tools are needed for the replacement of rollers. Elclean is suitable for webs ranging in width from 300 to 1,910mm and is capable of removing dust particles from a size of 1 micron.

Flexo Concepts

New variations on the company’s TruPoint Orange blade, called MicroTip, now allow printers to choose a blade to suite different applications. For example, MicroTip 8 provides longer blade life for most process work, and MicroTip 10 is a more robust option for white decks and coarser anilox rolls. The non-metal blade’s lubricity, rigidity and lower surface energy are claimed to eliminate UV ink spitting.

Flexo Wash

Making its debut is a new parts washer, which can be customized for specific press parts and supplied with trolleys to make the handling of parts easier.  The operator places the parts on the trolley grid at the press, pushes the trolley to the washing machine, and slides the grid into the Parts Washer. All of the parts are washed together at the same time, and handled only once.

Fraser Anti Static

Introduces Neos static eliminators which use intelligent feedback systems to boost performance beyond that of a fixed output bar. The system detects electric fields present on the target material while rejecting ambient noise signals and local contamination through dirt.  Response time of the measurement system is as fast as 40m/sec for the NEOS 12F. The measurement signal automatically adjusts the ionization balance and frequency to give optimal static neutralization across a range of distances and static charge levels. 


Presents a new type of roller surface, Protek ePower, claimed to combine the functional safety of a rubber coating with the wear advantages of a ceramic coating. The roller surface which is able to meet the high stress requirements associated with corona pre-treatment. Tests show corona coating service life increased by a factor of two or more.


Launches three new GapMaster systems: GapMaster AM (autoMove) maintains a continuous gap between the magnetic and the anvil cylinder with motorized readjustment; GapMaster FR (Free) is for cutting units both with and without support rollers. Reinforced journals and bearings mean that cutting forces are absorbed directly by the side wall bearing assembly; GapMaster Magnetic is suitable for machines with fixed (intermittent) magnetic cylinder circumference, or embossing cylinders with magnetic positive/negative dies. Also new is the Quick Change Die-Cutting Station, which allows tooling to be set up off-line while other jobs are running. The show sees the launch of the UR Precision CUBE 440 hybrid rewinder which is capable of winding full reel production up to 800mm diameter, finished reel slit production starting from 200mm up to 800mm diameter, and fully automated slitting and core positioning. The second generation TecScreen screens are also shown, now significantly stronger at the splice areas and with greater resistance to automatic screen washing compounds.

Lundberg Tech

Launches the MatrixCutter 140 unit which provides in-line waste handling of matrix and trim waste with adhesives. The machine cuts the waste into small sized pieces in the Lundberg Tech granulator for easy conveying. The waste is transported through a piping system to the integrated WasteCompactor.

Martin Automatic

The MBS splicer is shown with a standard package allowing it to run substrates from pressure-sensitive labelstock to flexible packaging.  The newly updated touch screen controls provide brighter, larger interface screens and production information along with expanded diagnostics. The new touch screen matches that of the LRD rewinder, which is typically paired with the MBS splicer. The LRD is a two-spindle transfer rewind that winds and changes rolls, and then unloads them, all automatically, without any need for additional roll handling equipment like roll carts.


MBO introduces its new UW500 unwinder, handling web rolls up to 60 inches in diameter, web widths up to 20.5 inches, and paper weights ranging from 50gsm up to 250gsm. With a maximum production speed of 490ft/min, the UW500 maintains constant web-tension and precise web alignment regardless of the web-speed or roll diameter. Large diameter idler rollers minimize web-curling and a decurling device is available as an optional upgrade. An electronic paper lift is incorporated. Built-in sensors recognize splices and web-breaks and stop the machine automatically. In the event of a web-break, The UW500 can be used with the RW500 rewinder as an unwind-rewind system for digital web presses.


Shows for the first time ceramic anilox rolls with EFlo UV laser engraving. EFlo UV has a channel-linked cell geometry claimed to eliminate pressure build-up of ink in the cells when doctored, which can result in ink spitting. EFlo UVi can be engraved with finer screens and maintain higher volumes then standard cell geometries, says the manufacturer. Cells are engraved at a consistent angle of 75 degrees which ensures no clash with standard flexo plate screen angles.

Pinewood Label Systems

New to the company’s Manual Label Dispensers range, the standard MB range can be fitted with dividers and is also now available with stainless steel panels. Also shows the full range of standard and automatic applicator systems.

PrimeBlade Sweden

Launches PrimeBlade Type 900 nano steel doctor blades, fabricated using nano technology to optimize performance of the steel. Friction towards the cylinder or anilox roll is reduced by 40-60 percent, says PrimeBlade. Treatments do not have harmful environmental side effects and the blades have a longer life wear resistance – particularly where abrasive inks such as whites are used.

Re Controlli Industriali

Shows the new Smartmotion web guide system with Wligo remote controller and a new release of the Resmart MWG10.1 web guide system. Planned for small and medium size web guide systems, SmartMotion fuses stepper and drive motor into a single device, allowing a compact device to be produced. The motor is controlled to 1/128 step. A high heat dissipation range guarantees a consistently low working temperature. For applications requiring more than one web guide, the new SmartMotion control unit allows the serial of multiple units using just one WLigo remote controller. WLigo is equipped with a resistive 3.5in touch screen display and mechanical buttons for ease of operation.


Exhibits a prototype for a new cleaning machine concept along with an improved version of Magic Protect for cleaning ink trays. This product creates a dry invisible film that is insoluble in the ink and can be simply peeled or scraped off after print.


Launches new solid die, the RD300, which has been designed for the highest quality converting of engineered precision parts, thick label substrates, thin films and nonwoven constructions.


Unveils its SSAM micro-format contact web cleaner, which is designed to be positioned in small places and built to the same standards as flagship WCN range. 


Presents new SG10K web guide with compact touch screen operator panel. Also new are remote panels able to manage operation by Modbus communication (RS485 or Ethernet) even at very long distances. New automatic motorization of sensors allows measurement of material width.


Demonstrates the combination of digital printing with cold foil embossing and rotary cutting on an S-CON machine, allowing the application of individualized decorative elements and security logos. The company also shows its newly-developed MEP (Mechanical Ejector Pins) tool. The optimized LabelShifter Plus facilitates quick and secure waste removal even for difficult shapes and counter-rotating waste matrixes.

Tresu Group

Demonstrates chamber blade program for narrow web printing. The closed-cassette FlexiPrint Reservoir needs no pump and operates at press speeds of up to 300m/min (984ft/min). New for wider webs is the lightweight carbon fiber chamber doctor blade system, offering improved chemical resistance and optimized flow.


Introduces an Ultrasonic clear label sensor with a high performance OLED onboard display. Features include auto adjust, one button auto gap setting, and timer and delay options.


Presents an optimized version of the established GapControl, further improved in terms of handling and pressure control. There will be live demos with MDO material on a thin PET liner. Wink also shows a new version of SuperCut based on adjustments of the blade geometry and coating. After the acquisition of the German cylinder specialist FST in 2014, Wink will present the full range of PowerCut and AirTec solid dies for various narrow web applications.


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