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  • 20 Oct 2011

Pamarco reports successful training seminar

Pamarco Global Graphics held an intensive three-day laser training and quality seminar at its Batavia, Illinois facility on September 20-22. The training was conducted by former Pamarco employee Jonathan Schlick, now an engineer with Applied Laser Engineering, and Art Ehrenberg, Pamarco’s laser engraving quality and product development manager. Laser engravers from all four anilox manufacturing locations participated. 

The training was focused on the three (and soon to be four) new Pamarco laser engraving systems that employ the latest 500 watt laser generation technology and new hardware and software packages. Pamarco claims the technology includes several new ways to manipulate multiple laser beams, creating anilox geometries and graphics that have never before been realized. 

Along with the new laser systems training the group also focused on increasing overall laser engraving quality and pre and post laser polishing techniques. 

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