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  • 02 Mar 2016

Uflex wins two awards in flexible packaging

Uflex wins two awards in flexible packaging

Uflex, India’s largest global flexible packaging company has won a gold flexible packaging achievement award 2016.

The award, in the printing, shelf impact and packaging excellence categories, has been awarded to Uflex’s Kohinoor anti-slip bag package by Flexible Packaging Association.

Pairing this award is another accolade – the silver flexible packaging achievement award 2016 in the technical innovation category that went to BIRLA white wallcare bag. Kohinoor anti-slip bag package for the European Market is a unique solution for premium rice packaging. It is one of the first large bags to be made from stackable matt BOPP high seal initiation temperature (SIT) and has the optimum strength to hold weight as high as 10 to 40 pounds.

Birla White Wall Care WPP Bag is a premium non-moisture ingress pack for packaging granular/powder building materials. This packaging has been especially engineered to address chronic problems with which the building material industry has been grappling. De-aeration holes have been provisioned for the air to escape during the filling process yet prohibiting moisture from entering into the bag, which helps the building material withstand harsh environment and maintain its full functionality over an extended shelf life.

Ashok Chaturvedi, chairman and managing director of Uflex said: ‘Flexible Packaging Achievement (FPA) Awards are a hallmark of excellence for 60 years now. I am happy to say that owing to our strong innovation quotient and efficient speed to market, we are able to tap the pulse of the customers of our clients world over. Uflex always endeavors to keep the global flexible packaging market thriving with technologically enhanced products adding immense value to the lives of the end users. These product awards further inspire my team to keep innovating and delivering nothing less than the best that our clients deserve.’


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