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  • 26 May 2010

Xennia increases ink supply capacity

Xennia Technology, a supplier of industrial inkjet products, has accelerated its supply of industrial inkjet inks, offering commercial supply of a range of XenInx specialist inks in production volumes from a new, purpose-built facility.

‘Xennia’s XenInx range of specialist inks offers OEMs in key industrial applications such as ceramics, glass, textiles, packaging and product decoration the performance and quality they need,’ said Dr Alan Hudd, managing director of Xennia, ‘based on our world-leading ink formulation experience and expertise.’

The XenInx range covers UV inks: including general purpose pigment color inks, white undercoat and clear hardcoat inks aimed at product and packaging decoration and coating applications, and state of the art pigment textile decoration inks; solvent/oil-based inks: including ceramic tile decoration and decal printing inks, a high quality full color pigment ink based on eco-solvents, and a specialist ink for decorating PVB glass laminate films; aqueous inks; including reactive, disperse and acid dye-based inks for textile decoration, and a low viscosity aqueous UV cure ink for packaging and product decoration; and specialist functional inks for printed electronics and other applications.

‘We have been manufacturing and supplying niche inks to customers for many years, but this facility represents a quantum leap in our ability to supply in industrial quantities,’ said Dr Hudd. ‘Our XenInx range of inks and fluids offers unrivalled performance and quality to our customers. Now we are able to supply these inks in multi-tonne quantities, we can access large volume markets such as textile decoration and finishing, ceramic decorating and packaging. We have just delivered major orders for textile and ceramic inks to our partners from our expanded facility. OEM partners and their end customers can use these inks with Xennia printing systems, XenJet modules or other inkjet printing systems, allowing the incredible benefits of inkjet technology to shine through. XenInx specialist inks facilitate increased responsiveness, efficiency and profitability in many important industrial applications.’

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