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  • 24 Jul 2020

Arconvert Ritrama launches SoftTouch laminate

Arconvert Ritrama launches SoftTouch laminate

Arconvert Ritrama has introduced the SoftTouch, a thin velvety polypropylene laminate, developed especially for embellishing high-end and luxury packaging.

The new laminate reduces thickness and adds milky transparency to create a velvet effect for labels. Moreover, it can be combined with any type of film or paper substrate, with a white, transparent or metal finish. The SoftTouch is also suited for paper-based, self-adhesive materials creating pleasant tactile experience.

‘The experience of consumers is no longer guided solely and exclusively by the visual aspect of the label, but also by a tactile factor: a multi-sensory experience that conjures up feelings of calmness and well-being, along with elegance and refinement,’ said the company in a statement.  ‘All sensations that are closely linked to the world of luxury packaging, in which the sophistication and finesse of the materials used, are fundamental to convey the correct message to consumers.’



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