Epson launches ColorWorks C8000e on-demand label printer

The new printer designed to meet the high-volume label production needs of businesses in a wide range of sectors.

Epson has launched ColorWorks C8000e, an industrial color inkjet label printer, designed for in-house production of quality labels at high speed, with significantly reduced costs and waste associated with traditional analog label production processes.

Offering a range of advanced features, the new top-of-the range ColorWorks C8000e builds on the success of its predecessor, the ColorWorks C7500, to meet the high-volume label production needs of businesses in sectors ranging from food, beverages, chemicals and healthcare, to horticulture, pharmaceuticals, warehousing and logistics.

Designed to help eliminate costs associated with pre-printing, such as label waste and excessive inventory, the ColorWorks C8000e incorporates Epson’s PrecisionCore printhead technology to deliver detailed, consistent high-quality and accurate color labels.

The ColorWorks C8000e achieves an image resolution of 1200 x 600 DPI, enabling accurate reproduction of barcodes and small fonts, while its print speed of 300 mm/sec minimizes run times for on-demand jobs. To further enhance image accuracy and reliability, the C8000e features Epson’s Nozzle Verification Technology (NVT) to prevent misprints, as well as spot color matching and ICC profiling for easy and precise color management.

Supporting a wider variety of media types, including matt and gloss paper, film and synthetic; the C8000e is capable of printing label widths from one to four inches, while an adjustable platen gap (up to 0.6mm) enables the use of thicker media for applications such as for price tags or floral labels. With no loss of quality on BS 5069-certified media, the printer is also suitable for the production of labels for use in harsh and demanding environments such as when exposed to salt water or chemicals.

The Epson ColorWorks C8000e is designed for optimum efficiency and reduced environmental impact. The use of high-capacity ink pouches means that it contains 75 percent less plastic than if using cartridges and provides 1.65 times more volume compared with its predecessor.  It has also been manufactured using 2.6 kilos fewer metal parts than compared with the C7500.

Providing an improved range of connectivity options, including USB 3.0, high-speed Ethernet, Wi-Fi (optional) and an I/O port, the C8000e is easily integrated into new infrastructures without changing existing software systems, while ZPL and ESC/Label support ensure simple and seamless integration with legacy systems. Integration with the SAP infrastructure is also simple, using the ABAP drivers for ERP direct printing.

For enterprises looking to optimize workflows and enhance overall efficiency, the C8000e enables on-demand label printing to be easily moved to the cloud, using Loftware or NiceLabel Cloud.

With a footprint reduced by 35 percent compared with the C7500, the C8000e requires far less room for installation and can fit in much tighter spaces.

The ColorWorks C8000e features a new one-side access design, which simplifies printer management and maintenance by enabling all operations, such as paper loading, ink replacement and printing operations. In addition, the large ink pouches allow longer print runs, without interruption.

‘Epson’s new, compact, top-of-the-range ColorWorks C8000e is built to deliver high-speed, high-quality color labels on-demand for a rapidly growing industrial labels market,’ commented Gavin Thurston, business development manager for ColorWorks at Epson UK. ‘Between 2019 and 2023, demand for Epson’s ColorWorks has grown significantly, and this is clear testimony to the benefits our unique technology offers, not only in terms of cost-effectiveness, value and quality, but as a means to significantly reduce waste and the many environmental impacts associated with less efficient analog-based mass label production processes.

‘It’s clear that the future for industrial color label production lies with on-demand printing and Epson is proud to offer best-of-class technology with this latest addition to its ColorWorks range.’