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  • 19 Jun 2020

Essentra launches recycled PET tear tape

Essentra launches SupaStrip PCR recycled PET tear tape for flexible packaging combining the sustainability of recycled polyester (rPET) alongside the benefits of easy-opening and brand enhancement

Essentra Tapes has launched SupaStrip PCR, claimed to be the first tear tape for flexible packaging combining the sustainability of recycled polyester (rPET) alongside the benefits of easy-opening and brand enhancement.

Responding to both consumer demand for packaging sustainability and the latest legislative requirements for recycled content, the new SupaStrip PCR is made from rPET and contains 70 percent post-consumer resin (PCR) in a single ply, 23micron film.

The new product is easy to implement within flexible packaging lines and intuitive to use, providing fast, safe, and immediate access to the contents. In addition, the ability to print the tape allows a diverse range of brand messages and logos to be added for enhanced on-shelf impact and consumer interaction.

‘Research has shown that consumers are positively influenced by solutions using recycled content in plastic. The addition of SupaStrip PCR to our range is another step on our sustainability journey and cements our commitment to providing customers with environmental packaging solutions without compromising on product performance,’ said Ian Beresford, head of marketing and development for Essentra.

SupaStrip PCR is suited for PET based packaging films, making it the ideal enhancement for bottles and shrink sleeves where the use of one material type creates a simple recycling route for consumers.

Equally important, the tape builds on the growing demand consumers have not just for packaging functionality, but also for brand integrity. As well as ensuring ease of opening, using SupaStrip PCR means knives or other sharp implements are removed from the process, thereby minimizing the risk of product damage and possible personal injury. At the same time, the tamper-evident nature of tear tape gives a clear indication if a product has been opened previously, providing customer confidence in the goods they buy.

Essentra Tapes has focused on ensuring that the inclusion of recycled material in SupaStrip PCR still delivers the same easy opening and branding functionality available from the company’s other tapes.

‘SupaStrip PCR offers all the performance benefits users expect from the SupaStrip range, but with a greener footprint,’ added Beresford. ‘We are particularly proud to launch this latest tape as it perfectly demonstrates the sustainability advances that we have made at Essentra, delivering both functionality and environmental advantages for brands and consumers alike.’


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