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  • 20 Jul 2012

Frimpeks unveils narrow web ink range

Frimpeks, a manufacturer of inks and varnishes, has unveiled a new UV flexo ink designed to meet the demands of the evolving narrow web market and suitable for a variety of press models. A low migration product portfolio has also been launched, suitable for narrow web and sheetfed food packaging.

The products form a part of the company’s new line for narrow web applications, called The System, a global product line of printing inks, coatings and services dedicated to narrow web printing. It caters to almost all narrow web processes, including UV inks and varnish. The System is said to offer the narrow web printer various benefits such as quick make-ready, efficient printing and easy print finishing.

On the press, the new ink is claimed to have optimized cure and consistent quality which enables trouble-free printing at the highest press speeds. Enhanced hold-out and adhesion allow less problems associated with ‘difficult’ substrates, while high color strength permits the use of finer aniloxes which offer the highest print quality, improved ink mileage and greater color matching flexibility.

Uwe Börner, global sales director, inks and varnish, said: ‘Frimpeks recognizes the special requirements of UV low migration products for the narrow web and sheetfed market and the growth opportunities for this packaging business. The launch of The System is a continuation of that commitment, as it addresses the needs of the market by offering increased productivity, versatility and value in narrow web printing and packaging applications in agreement with the global guidelines in the food packaging business.’

Pictured: Uwe Börner, global sales director, inks and varnish, Frimpeks