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  • 19 Jun 2019

Garware launches new shrink sleeve films

Shrink curve of Garware's medium shrink film vs PVC

Indian film manufacturer, Garware Polyester, has launched medium shrink and low shrink force PET shrink films.

Citing advantages of using the medium shrink film, Shantanu Muthe, general manager exports at Garware Polyester, stated that these can be used as a replacement of PVC shrink films. ‘Another advantage of Garware’s medium shrink film is that the customers don’t need to make any major changes in machine parameters to shift from PVC shrink film,’ he said. These films are available in thicknesses of 40, 45 and 50 microns.  

Low shrink force PET films, on the other hand, are designed for LLDPE and HDPE containers where high shrink force cannot be applied for shrinking films over the container. This helps in avoiding damage to containers during sleeving. 

Both medium shrink films and low shrink force PET films can be printed using same inks as high shrink PET films and same seaming process can be used for seaming of sleeves as well.

Garware Polyester continues to offer high shrink PET film in thickness of 40, 45, 50 and 70 microns. Company is conducting trials for producing 35-micron film as well.

Other types of shrink films offered by Garware include white opaque shrink films and Eco shrink films.

With the entire range of shrink sleeves, the company is now opening a distribution centre in North America. ‘This centre will reduce our lead times to customers and will allow us to increase sales of our high shrink PET films into the local market,’ said Muthe.

With two manufacturing plants, Garware has manufacturing capacity of 42,000 metric tons of polyester film per annum on four polyester lines. It can also produce 24,000 metric tons of high shrink and medium shrink PET films per annum. Company further produces BOPET films ranging from 10 to 350 microns as well as thermal lamination films.